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  • The 15 best Belgian beers to taste!

    Belgium has little known and recognized wineries, culinary specialties are restricted chocolate and some others (fries ....) but Belgium beers that are recognized, no doubt, as the best the world. 1. Chimay White This is called beer Trappist beer. This means that the Chimay and all other Trappist beers are brewed under control fans monks beers. And yes, they exist! Relatively strong and moderately long finish, this is one of the best Belgian beers for sure! 2. Westmalle Triple The triple westmalle is a Trappist beer. To believe that the Belgian monks controlling the manufacture of [...]

  • 10 Belgian expressions for your listening pleasure.

    Belgium has three main regions of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. It follows countless dialects. Suffice to say that, for the uninitiated, some expressions are disconcerting and incomprehensible. Here is a small selection. Not maybe. The flat country is renowned for its surrealism and include it into the language. Thus, if in the French "no" expresses negation, know that Belgium is not necessarily the case. "No" associated with "maybe" means "Yes". Example: "Would you get rich?" / "No, maybe!" Oufi . This typical Liège interjection is used all the sauces. It is usually used to emphasize [...]

  • The main shopping centers and shopping areas in Brussels


    where to shop in Brussels? The European capital attracts a clientele coming from all over Europe. Many shopping centers are so so available and set well forward multiculturalism of the country's capital dish. Woluwe Shopping Center Located in the east of the city, this shopping center is the most complete of the capital. 130 stores are everywhere. Food, food, perfume and clothes are part of the larger shops but many other areas are covered as well. City 2 This shopping center is popular for its position in the same city of Brussels. Its 50 000 m2 and its hundreds of stores make it [...]

  • TOP 6 swingers clubs and libertine Brussels


    Brussels is the political capital of Europe but also the European Capital of openness and sharing of feelings between complicit partners around the libertinism and swingers. The fun places abound. Guided tour. 1 / Cocoon The address of Leuvensesteenweg 42 is known for its well arranged four levels, with dining room, disco, sauna and indoor heated pool not always open, alcoves, rooms and maze. The property is also known for its theme nights. 2 / La Porte des Sens Street of Hectoliter 5, quickly becomes wet it thinking this libertine club that needs to be sponsored or register via the [...]

  • Belgium practice, know

    & diams; Identity card & diams; Express entered & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital Brussels People 11 million . Constitution : Federal Parliamentary Monarchy Language : Dutch, French, German . Religion Catholicism Entry requirements: Visa : no, national identity card or passport valid . Passport : no, national map proper identification . Silver Currency Euro Payment [...]

  • The history of Belgium ... in outline

    Not easy to summarize the history of Belgium in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Antiquity: There are traces of human occupation in Belgium from the Mesolithic period (20,000 to 10,000). Belgium was conquered by Rome around 50 BC and is part of the Belgian Gaul. Invaded by Frankish tribes in the Vth century, the territory then passed to the Merovingian Clovis under the authority. The Middle Ages: Under [...]

  • Brussels on Travel Blogs

    Belgique This blog is a collaboration of several Brussels seeking to share their stories, their experiences, their projects, their photos & hellip; articles that are based around a common theme: Brussels Blog Topics:. Brussels, culture, gastronomy, tips Url blog: see blog it was the time when Brussels brewed This passionate seeks to save and restore the history rich history of brewing Brussels. Documents, photos, and extensive information on the subject of beer. Blog without moderation Blog Topics: Brussels, gastronomy, culture, history Url blog: see the blog My box picture [...]

  • Stroll through the beautiful city of Ghent

    Facades de Gand

    For your next vacation consider visiting Ghent in the heart of the Flemish region in Belgium. Follow signs for the road to St Bavo's Cathedral. First great place to visit. A Gothic ruin, dating from the 13th century. After winding its 444 steps, you will have a first idea of ​​the splendor of this city through its panoramic view. Once back down, take the docks legendary lily. En route to the castle of the counts. A medieval building dating from the 12th century. Follow the path of the Design Museum, the museum is a successful marriage between ancient and modern. Other architectural and cultural [...]

  • Ghent night festivities of the city

    Facades de Gand

    Discover the charm of the night during your stay in Ghent. This beautiful Belgian city will offer you a unique chance to party otherwise. A change of scenery. Enjoy a good coffee, the rhythms of good music. Enjoy a beer in a splendid waltz Belgian traditional dance. Thrill to the sounds of top DJs melodies. Ghent offers you a chance to party every night, a total emotional release until dawn. Go to the famous Patershol district, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. Rub shoulders with the most renowned restaurants international gastronomy, Flemish or even Asian. Take the path of Sint-Baafsplein [...]

  • Nieuwpoort-Bad: everything to book your holidays

    Situated on the Belgian coast, the town of Nieuwpoort-Bad is an ideal destination for a stay near the sea. If you plan to spend your holidays, the budget you have to provide is 600 € per week, on average, for accommodation, catering and activities. On site fully enjoy a walk along the shore or a boat ride. If you love water sports, you will also have the opportunity to do windsurfing, surfing or yachting. You can also visit tourist attractions which are the most recommended King Albert of the monument and the locks of Gazenpoot. For your accommodation, choose from the hotels downtown that are [...]

  • The five cities to pace if you go in Belgium.

    Belgium, this little country which gave birth to so many great names like Brel, Hergé and Solvay, is often unrecognized because living in the shadow of its neighbors. The flat country still offers many attractions, whether cultural, culinary and landscape. Here is a lover filing its typical cities. Brussels One can not speak of Belgium not to mention Brussels, capital of Europe. The first surprise is that this city is on a human scale. Surrounded by a wall in the middle ages, it has kept in its center this charming setup consists of interlacing alleys to the rich and gaudy architecture. [...]

  • Maissin: just to book your vacation rentals

    Maissin, a Luxembourg province town in Belgium, is a place not to be missed once in the country. For this, it will prepare a budget of 350 € to 600 € per week for a vacation rental. A wide range of housing types will be available, such as caravans, farms, cottages, apartments, cottages or houses or holiday apartments. You only have to choose according to your needs and your holiday budget. You can for example live in a seasonal rental house from 1000 € the week, some located in the heart of the book village of Redu. Also in this village, there are farms 200 years appointed in vacation rentals, [...]

  • 10 sites to check before going to Brussels


    Brussels, the lively Belgian capital is well known for its cultural heritage and for its lively cultural life, features that make it one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Here are 10 sites to prepare your stay and learn more about this eclectic city, colorful and cosmopolitan ... Discover Brussels 1. Tourist Office Brussels Find the official website of the Brussels tourist office a substantial mass of practical and tourist information about Brussels and its region: hotels, restaurants, cafes, monuments and museums , map and guide, transport and network level, and output events, [...]

  • 10 hostels in Brussels


    Meininger Brussels City Center located on the dock of Hainut, this property is minutes from Grand Place and the Saint Guery, an insured nightlife . 2GO4 QualityHostel: placed in the middle of the city center of Brussels, this hostel provides easy access to all the sights of the city . Hostel Grand Place: a great location for this hotel which is a few meters from the main market square . Brussels Hello Hostel located on the Rue de l'Armistice 1, the atmosphere and the friendly side of town feel it at first . Brxxl 5 City Center a few minutes walk from the city center and Brussels Midi train [...]

  • Mountain Scene ScèneMontagne in the Mountain Film Festival in Brussels May 19!


    Mountain Scene in happens for the first time in Brussels on Tuesday 19 May at the UGC Bruckère. For its Summer Edition 2015, in Mountain Scene arrives for the first time in Switzerland! Facing the festival's success in many French cities, in Mountain Scene could not resist the temptation to come to Belgium. Mountain Scene is a traveling festival of mountain films, which aims to bring the city in the mountains. projections are followed by times of interaction between the audience and the protagonists of the films in which directors and athletes come share their experiences on stage. the program [...]

  • The 10 best restaurants in Brussels


    Brussels, capital of Belgium, is known as much for its exceptional historical heritage and for its gastronomy full of surprises. A kitchen with varied influences, with local accents mixed with products from the sea, all run by an all Nordic generosity. And to replace the wine, try a glass of Belgian beer! From simple chip shop in the gastronomic restaurant, here are the top 10 restaurants in Brussels all categories: 1. Comme Chez Soi A large institution Brussels whose fame transcends borders, Comme Chez Soi remains the great gourmet restaurant (and classy) of the capital, winning two Michelin [...]

  • Main cities and places to visit in Belgium

    Belgium is the place you have selected for your stay. You are happy with your choices, but you do not know exactly where to go to enjoy the beauty of the places that this place can make you discover. Well this is not a problem, because here is a selection of the main cities to visit ... First, you go to Brussels. Brussels is the place not to miss. Enjoy the Grand Place, the city museum and the house of the king in the Pentagon. You can stroll through the Saint-Hubert galleries, the street of butchers, the Royal Theater Toone and chocolate in the sacred islet. Moreover, not far from it, you can [...]

  • Selection: 10 Cheap hotels in Brussels


    The Belgian capital is not really a reputation as a cheap destination, deserved reputation in terms of accommodation, there are few cheap hotels. The prices of the cheapest double rooms are around $ 45. However, taking it in advance and in consultation with hotel booking sites, it is still possible to receive a one-time reduction, it is possible to find deals for singles from 30 euros. Cheap Hotels in the center of Brussels We start our tour of cheap accommodation in Brussels with the Guest Accomodation Botanical , this one is near the Botanique metro station that takes you to downtown [...]

  • The history of Brussels ... in outline


    Not easy to summarize the history of Brussels in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the city that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Antiquity: The Brussels region is occupied by the Romans as evidenced by numerous remains. The origin of the town of Brussels is not known but a manuscript dating from 695 relates the death of Vindicien, bishop of Cambrai in Brosella. At the end of the VIIth century, a chapel dedicated to the archangel Michael is built on a hill overlooking [...]

  • Mouscron find cheap holiday

    accommodation, so you can sleep in a youth hostel or camping. But, if you prefer hotels or bed and breakfast, you will spend 60 € per day minimum. Regarding meals, à 10 € can be found in cheap restaurants. If you go there, do not miss the opportunity to discover the castle of the counts, the Folklore Museum and the town park. And if you will stay for over a week, participate in guided tours of the City Hall, the House Picardy and coffee museum WapDooWap. Mouscron find cheap holiday accommodation, so you can sleep in a youth hostel or camping. But, if you prefer hotels or bed and breakfast, [...]

  • Everything to prepare your trip Spa

    Formalities Citizens of member countries of the European Union need only a passport or a national identity card to enter in Spa, a city in Belgium. For other nationalities, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit. Health and safety There are no significant risks to health, but it is always advisable to take out health insurance to reduce its expenses in case of contingencies. For EU citizens, a European health insurance card is also required. Currency and budget The currency is the euro that it is best change in banks because the commissions are sometimes lower than in exchange [...]

  • Antwerp essential places to visit

    Anvers, à la pointe de la mode et du diamant

    Antwerp, here is a nice town to visit. If you have decided to go to Belgium and go through Antwerp, it will necessarily visit the essential places. Nicknamed the "diamond of Flanders", referring to the diamond naturally. The capital of Flanders had its reputation also thanks to its port to international dimensions. If you visit Antwerp, you can enjoy beautiful sights of the city. It will of course make time to discover Grote Markt, a beautiful Flemish architecture that consists of old houses and a Renaissance town hall. It will also visit the Notre Dame cathedral that is worth trying. [...]

  • Staying cheap in Brussels: ways to pay less.


    Brussels is a wonderful city where a stay can be done in 1001 ways. Even if your budget is limited, you will be quite possible to stay cheap in Brussels. The key is to learn to do it. We recommend you start before you leave at booking your transportation, you are rendiez by plane or train. Indeed, if you book at the last minute, you risk big surprises. So advice do you take for it well in advance, do not expect the latest promotions that will never happen especially if you plan to go there during the holidays. Besides if you want to go cheap prefer peak periods. On the visit will be more enjoyable [...]

  • Staying cheap in Brussels


    Brussels does not have its capital status in Europe for nothing, tourists who flock there at any time of the year know from experience the inconvenience associated with hosting. Indeed, there are few hotels compared with other cities that are not deemed to be within the reach of everyone. But rest assured, there are good places to stay in Brussels cheap. If you go in a group, ideal for you would be to reside Hostel Generation Europe which is located fifteen minutes from the Main Square, where you can discover the charm of the capital or there spend relaxing evenings in a pleasant atmosphere and [...]

  • Transport in Brussels: Optimize your trips


    Brussels has 4 main subway lines: Line 1 of magenta Station west to Stockel, line 2 red Simonis-Leopold II Simonis-Elizabeth Erasmus line 5 to Hermann-yellow Debroux and line 6 of blue Simonis Elizabeth to King Baudouin. Lines 3 and 4 are tramlines. Subways and trams run from 5:30 am to 23 hours. A bus service also provides transportation in the city of Brussels. The transport is less frequent during the school holidays. Passengers can purchase tickets from the stations and machines becoming available. The metro stations are decorated with works of art and paintings by artists. There are maps [...]

  • Find a hotel in Brussels


    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Brussels Brussels is a city attractive in many ways: its cultural ferment, its architecture and its history, Belgian, his sense of irony and scale '' human scale '' the particular make pleasant to visit time a weekend, for example. On the drive out or ride to train with Thalys lines or bus, Brussels is easily accessible in a few hours, on a whim. If Brussels attracts many curious, this is not a 'best seller' 'among the major tourist destinations in Europe. EU capital, largest city of congresses and important meeting business, Brussels is none the less busy [...]

  • Book a hotel in Bruges and pleasant stay in the city


    or Bruges as the Venice of the North, is a tourist town because apart from the fact that it is accessible by train, boat or Ostend airport, there's also nice to stay there or 'spend a weekend. the wide selection of hotels, located in the historical center, offers many starting points for exploring the city by carriage, on foot or by boat. With its many hotels, this resort is ideal for businessmen, families, travelers who like to live a romantic, gourmet or cultural city hopping weekend. How to book a hotel in Bruges? The best solution is to make an online hotel booking to make a choice of [...]

  • The types of hotels in Bruges


    For canal enthusiasts, medieval ruins of old mills, Bruges is the perfect destination to satisfy this passion for beautiful stones. Thus, this town with its cheap hotels offers several accommodation types who enjoy the wonders of the city. In fact, during a stay, it is quite possible for her hotel room 2 or 3 star restraint among our hotel specials visit the museum of the wonderful Palace of the Liberty of Bruges. Among the options available to visitors, they can also choose between a romantic hotel in the building of stage or opt for a hotel luxury of old and bourgeois look. It is also possible [...]

  • Staying in a hotel in Brussels and enjoy his stay


    To take advantage of his stay in Brussels, it is important to preset hosting issues. Whatever the time of year, there are still some deals or promotions that will benefit everyone beautiful memorable vacation. Thus, among the most common offers, there is the offer includes one night with breakfast and access to the relaxation area in four-star hotel. This offer is valid until the end of the year. There are also offers that are presented in a form of the formula, for example, a formula of 2 days and one night in grandson lunch in a four star hotel with a wellness area access. All this is available [...]

  • Where to find specials / discounts for the train in Belgium

    The prices of train tickets for Belgium are rather attractive in comparison with other European countries such as Germany, Italy or Spain. But anyway, you can still enjoy even more savings. Indeed, promotional offers are many, you just have to know where to find specials and discounts for the train to Belgium. The offer the most attractive concerns Thalys trains. They leave from North Station and service the following cities in Belgium: Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Liege, Mons, Namur and Ostend. You have for example Thalys Night costing € 30 or so. This is advantageous for those [...]

  • Find a hotel in Bruges.


    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Bruges. City tourist par excellence, Bruges has everything you need in accommodations. Its comfortable hotels and excellent fine cuisine unanimous. All the classic range of accommodation is represented in Bruges, AJ, B & B, hotels for all tastes and all budgets, small family hotel, boutique hotel, from 1 to 4 star luxury hotels. Accommodation in Bruges is relatively expensive, rates increase during the tourist season from May to September, remember to book in advance to get the best deals. Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Bruges. [...]

  • Where to find specials / discounts train to Brussels


    You are looking for cheap flights to Brussels? Know that you will have no trouble finding promotions and reductions train to Brussels. Currently offers the most attractive train tickets are those of the Thalys company. The latter serves Brussels from Gare du Nord in Paris. The offers are numerous, but meet certain criteria: Thalys Night costs 30 € approximately. But to take advantage of this price it will go and go inside that night. The train will leave early the evening and return in the morning. This offer is good for those who want to go just to spend the evening in Brussels. You also have [...]

  • Find a hotel in Belgium.

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Belgium. Although it is not the most tourist destination in Europe, Belgium attracts many curious Thus Belgium, Bruges and Brussels in particular have a substantial offer accommodation. Modern and functional hotel for a business clientele, comfortable accommodations in the center, historical addresses, more traditional hotels and hostels, not to mention a significant part of Bed & Breakfast and guest houses. In Brussels and Bruges, difficult to talk about tourist seasons, these two cities are just as attractive in winter as in summer, but attendance is likely [...]

  • What part Ypres sleep?

    In the town of Ypres, the hotel industry is quite developed. It offers to receive visitors in different types of accommodation including twenty hotels. However, it is also possible to stay in a bed and breakfast for a higher rate or in a rental home. Usually one night is between a little over thirty euros to 150 euros. Note that the hotels in town are cheap compared to hotels campaigns that cost up to 120 euros and more for the night as the hotels gourmet. Learn more about Ypres before booking your hotel Ypres is located in Belgium, a Dutch-speaking city in the Flemish region, the 5th West [...]

  • What part Zeebrugge sleep?

    Zeebrugge, it is still rare to find hotels in the city center. It is advisable for travelers to make reservations on the Internet before joining the premises to make a brief comparison of hotels, characteristics and situations hotels. Among the most popular hotels in the city, there is the Hotel Atlas, Formula n1 Budget and Hotel Monaco. It is also possible, however, to stay in bed and breakfast as the Bed and breakfast Beaufort-Zeebrugge which stands at the heart of Knoche-Heit. There is also the Spaniënhof which is in a distance of just under 5 km Duke downtown Zeebrugge. Learn more about [...]

  • Best Brussels nightclubs


    Brussels remains a city with a truly festive spirit. Indeed, the Belgian capital has a lively and varied nightlife, concentrated in the city center and some surrounding areas such as Saint-Gilles and Ixelles Marolles ... Once the bars close their doors, it is the Brussels nightclubs that take over. The atmosphere is guaranteed, the Brussels know how to party and those who love them too posh / trendy places also find their account! In short, it's a bit spoiled for choice to end the evening in the morning. Among the most famous nightclubs in the Brussels night you can try the dance floor [...]

  • The coolest bar in Brussels


    Discover the cool bars of Brussels Discover the atmosphere of the Brussels bar in the evening is a separate activity when staying in the Belgian capital: warm atmosphere, friendly, affordable rates are set in many central Brussels addresses around the Grand Place and the surrounding streets, but also in more peripheral areas (but not very far from the center) such as Ixelles and St Gilles, where we find to excellent bars again. Consumption level, you will want to like beer, because we drink gallons in Brussels bars! The choice is vast and often we appreciate really tasty beers; the perfect example [...]