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  • Itinerary: one week in Athens

    Athens is an exciting city to discover, not just for its great archaeological remains. Many visitors are content with a brief stint in the capital before embarking on the Cyclades for example. However, you may well consider an Athenian week stay, divided into two stages: a few days in Athens, a few days in the Argo-Saronic islands closest, the opportunity to discover Athens any more detail enjoying the pleasures of the Greek islands. Day 1 Start with the classics of Athens, with the Acropolis visit at the beginning of the day to avoid the hot weather and the large influx of visitors, [...]

  • Some travel blogs for you to discover Athens and Greece

    Paris-Athens blog Blog of a French installed in Athens last twenty years. Many recipes, interesting explanations about the local customs with illustrations and videos Blog Topics: Athens, culture, gastronomy, testimony, photos, videos Url blog: see the blog Live Athens Mary the blog offers culinary tour and reveals the secrets of his Greek recipes blog Topics:. Athens, gastronomy Url blog: see the blog blog Ambassador of France in Greece blog half Greek formal , half-French Christophe Farnaud immerse you in cultural events and in the history of Greece blog Topics:. Athens, [...]

  • The best museums of Athens

    Greece is known as the cradle of civilization, of science, philosophy and art. Having a huge historical heritage, this country has always been a destination for cultural travel lovers but also thanks to its atmosphere known around the world as being warm and original. Athens is the city that includes the most historic symbols throughout Greece, visit necessarily mean a detour towards her as rich and original museums -. The museum Acropolis: located in the Acropolis neighborhood, this museum is considered one of the most important museums in the world. With a collection of masterpieces of inestimable [...]

  • The boutique hotels in Athens

    Athens is a city of all the fighting, all the honors, and all philosophies. Thus, traveling in this region can only be satisfactory if the tourist decides to stay in a boutique hotel. Is it really charming hotels in Athens? For a long time, this city has a reputation as a drab hotel and uninteresting. Fortunately, in recent years, tourists have flourished many very creative institutions. Two major trends are at work: the opening of design boutique hotels, and the creation of a boutique hotel Staying in a boutique hotel in Athens is the best way to to. stay an exclusive experience. Since these [...]

  • Where to find interesting hotel in Athens?

    To make a pleasant trip to Athens, you must first select the area that has the greatest tourist attractions, as well what reservations. The traveler has the choice between different neighborhoods that offer a choice of interesting hotels. Among them, there are the districts of Plaka and Syntagma are in the historic heart of Athens, the old quarter is always lively and colorful, and located close to the Acropolis and shopping streets. It is also possible to book a hotel room in the districts of Monastiraki and Psiri, which is also close to the Acropolis but have the advantage of being quieter. [...]

  • Find a hotel in Athens.

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Athens. During the tourist season from May to October, it is necessary to book in advance and prices rise. Overall Athens hotels offer a good price / quality ratio and the welcome is warm. Note that the Greeks hotels, especially in the islands, but also even in Athens tend to be simple establishments. The rooms are generally small and the bathrooms. By cons they usually have a balcony (though sometimes tiny). cleanliness standards are generally good, even in simple places. Most Greek hotels now have a website and proceed to bookings by email. You can also [...]

  • Selection: 10 Cheap hotels in Athens

    cheap Athens hotels are mainly located around the main city square, Omonia. They are found as close to the central train station of Athens, Larissa station and the Metaxourgio neighborhood, close to Omonia Square and the Acropolis. Be warned that the area of ​​Omonia is not really what one might call a 'charming area', there are numerous brothels and many small 'trafficking' in the street. Women should avoid to walk alone in this neighborhood after dark. Hotels are against a simple, accurate and cheap. Cheap Hotels in the center of Athens, near Omonia The area of ​​Omonia has a bad reputation, [...]