Windhoek: organize your stay

If you think to visit the city of Windhoek, Southern Africa and the capital of the Republic of Namibia during your next vacation, make sure you have not forgotten anything before leaving. The preparation can be done today, starting with providing a € 35 room budget about a day for cheap stays. For a "normal" stay still expect about € 75 per day. With this budget, it will not be difficult to find a nice accommodation from hotels, homes and / or holiday apartments and even residential hotels Windhoek. For a better organization yet, it is also advisable to consult a few websites on the internet price comparison sites to find opportunities including promotions. To complete your stay, insert in your itinerary the Lutheran Church Christuskirche in the city center or visit the museums. Among them, there may be mentioned Alte Feste State Museum, a museum dedicated to the country's independence and rock carvings and paintings Namibian. You can also visit Owela Museum or TransNamib Transport Museum.