Traveling with your smartphone and stay connected, it is possible!

Discovering new countries while remaining contactable in case of concern or to send photos of his holiday, today is entirely possible. But who says travel abroad sometimes said additional costs if one is not careful.

In fact, the first attitude to take when arriving in a foreign country will turn off cellular data. Otherwise, your smartphone will be continuously connected to the Internet and will automatically update your emails, Facebook notifications, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat and other apps using internet. And the bill can quickly become salty ...

If your package includes internet data abroad, you can obviously enjoy it without being overcharged. For this, first check your package options, including the amount of MB / GB included in your subscription. Depending on the country you are in, each additional MB will be charged more or less.

In terms of SMS and telephone calls, your operator will send you generally to your entry into the network of another country, an informative SMS about the cost per minute of calls received / issued and unit costs of SMS received / transmitted. According to the operator, costs can vary without exceeding a certain limit. Keep in mind, however, that even when you are not active (ve) on your phone, receive SMS or calls will be charged unless your subscription includes SMS, MMS, or calls from abroad.

It may therefore be advisable to choose a suitable package, if you travel frequently or if you have planned a trip abroad soon for a longer or shorter period. But there are also packages if you go on vacation or on a business trip one week.

Indeed, some telephone operators have realized that users were in need a solution to their regular travel or a temporary solution for a job, an internship or a trip abroad.

In these cases, packages that include unlimited calls directly and SMS to and from certain destinations will be the ideal answer to this need. Unlimited calls and SMS can sometimes even extend to an entire area like Europe, like it can be found in the package for overseas .

The options of different packages vary by location and duration of the presence abroad. You can choose a package in the month or even the year. It is also possible to use an application that allows you to monitor in real time your consumption of telephone calls / SMS / MMS / Internet when you are abroad, without having to go to your carrier phone call.

For the short term but travelers wishing to stay connected and communicate with friends, family or work from abroad, there is also the recently pass a week. You choose the pass for your destination, options (internet + sms + calls, or only Internet or only SMS and calls), and you activate the pass at the time that you want. The package will remain active 7 days with no obligation.

So you leave a week or a year, you can find a package to suit your needs.