Directions: a few days at Mont-Saint-Michel

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel, as exceptional as it is, does not really justify more than one or two day visit: the site is not very big, you'll quickly made the rounds. But the charm of these alleys retain some longer, sometimes much more ...

What is important with the Mont Saint Michel, is to accurately measure the extent of its tourists: there may be a lot of people during the day, which does not necessarily benefit the quality the visit of course.

In the same idea, it will cling to find something to stay for the duration of the stay without breaking the bank too. Several choices: a romantic weekend directly in one of the hotels Mont-Saint-Michel, institutions or camping in front of the dike, two kilometers from the site, or simply seek accommodation further, for more tranquility (Avranches, Granville, Dol-de-Bretagne or even Cancale ...).

Now let us see some ideas to plan your route to Mont St Michel, during a long weekend:

Day 1

If possible, arrive as early as possible on the Mont-Saint-Michel, to enjoy the medieval streets bathed in the first light of day, and free of troublesome visitors Hard to tire of the walk, the views of the sea, the bay ...

The highlight of the visit will be of course the abbey of Mont Saint Michel , where we spend a good long time. Try to arrive at a Mass of monastic fraternity of Jerusalem, to get you in the mood!

Other heritage elements are remarkable, the Chapelle Saint-Aubert , Church of Saint Peter , fortifications and towers, but need to enter in detail, all the Mount will hold you all day. You can opt for a guided tour ... Do not forget to regularly take a look at the changing tide. Do not miss a stroll through the streets night after dinner (restaurant or pancake).

Day 2:

A day of walking in perspective. After having scoured the mountain the day before, it was the turn of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel to be combed.

hiking routes and the natural environment are possible discovery of supervised manner, including via associations. Beware of tide times, it seems that the sea goes here '' at the speed of a galloping horse '! By late afternoon, visit the Museum of Sea and ecology to complete your knowledge of the matter.

For dinner, stay in the theme of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, and do you use the salt marsh lamb, great Mons specialty. These sheep graze directly into the bay, where their meat gets its incomparable flavor!

Day 3:

Back stroll on the Mont-Saint-Michel , with the passage shops and small museums, Tiphaine home and the historical museum, but beware, the feeling of tourist trap is unfortunately made quickly feel ... so far from essential.

When the crowd is at its height, turn back to organize a small path along the bay, with interesting stops in Dol-de-Bretagne and Cancale oyster tasting on the port to enter a beautiful day!