Itinerary: one week in Athens

Découvrir Athènes

Athens is an exciting city to discover, not just for its great archaeological remains. Many visitors are content with a brief stint in the capital before embarking on the Cyclades for example.

However, you may well consider an Athenian week stay, divided into two stages: a few days in Athens, a few days in the Argo-Saronic islands closest, the opportunity to discover Athens any more detail enjoying the pleasures of the Greek islands.

Day 1

Start with the classics of Athens, with the Acropolis visit at the beginning of the day to avoid the hot weather and the large influx of visitors, then stroll around the Pnyx to discover other vestiges such as theater of Dionysus . Tackle then the vast site of the Agora , with the highlight Theseion .

Take a stroll through the flea market Monastiraki , and enjoy the tourist enfilades terraces for a drink and let the evening pass quietly. The Acropolis is remarkably highlighted the night.

Day 2:

Browse through the friendly Plaka without linger in the many tourist traps but in the old streets at the foot of the Acropolis. Visit the passage Roman Agora . Many restaurants for lunch or a drink. Follow up with the columns of Temple of Zeus . Then plan a good time for the recent Acropolis Museum, exciting.

In the evening, go to the lively Gazi bars and clubs galore .

Day 3:

Start on the Syntagma Square , to watch the changing of the guard at the Greek Parliament . Stroll next to the National Garden , urban oasis. Then go in the chic Kolonaki are instituting two cultural Athens, the Benaki Museum and Byzantine Museum .

In the afternoon, cross the pedestrian streets of downtown to join the small bars and restaurants of Psiri .

Day 4:

After a look at the animation that animates the teeming halls of Athens , go back to the popular district of Omonia . Higher still, you hitch up to visit the National Archaeological Museum .

Wander the streets of Exarchia and relaxed atmosphere, before starting the ascent of Lycabettus Hill to stunning views of the capital. Evening in the coffee bars Exarchia.

Day 5:

Early in the morning, join the Piraeus port by subway to embark on the first ship to Aegina , the neighboring island. 45 minutes crossing only the return is done in the day. Enjoy the village and tavernas overlooking the sea, away coves, rent a scooter to visit the Temple of Aphaia .

Day 6:

After spending the night Aegina , take the next boat for Hydra . Spend the day exploring this beautiful island, rocky and all in relief. Linger in the town of Hydra, on the harbor, in the taverns ...

In the late afternoon, take the boat to Athens, 3 hours by ferry, half by speedboat.

Day 7:

Back in Athens for the last day, to find the corners that you liked, or from a few hours on the beaches near the capital, and if you have time allows to Cape Sounion for the sunset.