A rental for your stay in Paris, manual


Paris ... the capital is still much to dream, and tourists from around the world flock ... only sometimes dream turns into a nightmare when preparing his journey just for housing must be provided a very big budget! And the value of the hotels do not always follow.

While leaving to spend a nice amount to stay in Paris, so have a nice accommodation! In addition to the high-end hotels, it is a solution that is not always thought to reside some time in Paris: renting an apartment! Nothing better in any case, to plunge fully into the Parisian bath ...

where to book a vacation rental in Paris?

The capital is very well stocked with temporary rentals available at night as a hotel. Some districts appear more attractive than others ... a ride in the best areas:

-The eighteenth arrondissement around Montmartre or squarely on the mound, many boutique condos are available in one of the most characteristic areas of Paris .

-The sixth arrondissement in the St. Germain des Pres, fashion and luxury at hand, shops, bookstores, bars and restaurants, most of Parisian life in sight! Studio, loft, large apparently ... the choice is there.

-The fourth arrondissement around the Place des Vosges in the Marais gay or near the rue des Rosiers, the fourth district is certainly the most endearing, and one of the most iconic , the capital. This is also where the rentals are the most numerous.

-The nineteenth arrondissement : a popular district, very nice around the buttes Chaumont particular. Here, in a less desirable neighborhood, you can find small apartments in relatively affordable price ... for Paris.

-The sixteenth arrondissement to live in the Paris chic, the great bourgeois avenues, the night quiet, yet another very distinctive facet of the capital ... and sometimes sumptuous apartments open for rent!

An apartment in Paris for the weekend or holidays: what benefits ?

Many Parisian apartments are specifically for tourists and visitors passing by their owners, so they are available at night. Convenient to shape his stay in Paris at will.

At first glance, the prices are high, but the Parisian accommodation is expensive, and saw real estate prices, no need to wonder. Looking more closely, we soon also realize that renting can be more cost effective than a hotel, with equal standing.

Indeed, praising many, especially divide the rent ... For that family trip to Paris, which did not help matters (or budget) when it comes to sleep the hotel, a rental apartment to accommodate all his little world is handy.

Add to that the facilities available in the rented apartment: the kitchen, for example, allows for juicy savings on restaurant outings. The possibility of cooking yourself is an important asset and you can taste the products of the last session of shopping ...

Rent an apartment for holidays in Paris, but also have a foothold, a '' home '' for the duration of the stay, way to experience the Parisian lifestyle independently in a Total immersion

Some tips for rent in Paris

Some districts are cheaper than others ... in the center and west of Paris, the prices soar. In the north and east, rentals are available at more affordable prices. Eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth districts are thus to be monitored.

The high season in Paris, it's a bit all year ... but the big long weekends, holidays, vacations are all peak periods. However, demand is lower in summer ...

On the rental sites between individuals (eg AirBnB), beware of unfair offers, with a high price for a simple sofa in a living room for rent !

Target the right neighborhood to suit your program too far apart means a lot of travel time ... but often the reason the budget is sovereign ...

Of course, started his research a time in advance is always a good idea: more choice, lower prices also .

How to book a vacation rental in Paris?

rent in the specialized sites are plentiful on the Internet. varied and numerous online offers on Paris. Feel free to compare to find the rentals at the best value for money

-Abritel http://www.abritel.fr

-Homelidays http://www.homelidays.com

To stay -Holidays http://vacances.seloger.com

-Apartment Paris: http://www.apartmentparis.fr

You can also try your luck with classified ads:

-The Bon Coin: http://www.leboncoin.fr

And the rental sites of particular:

-Windu http://www.wimdu.fr

-AirBnB https://www.airbnb.fr