An exceptional holiday in Les Baux

Baux attract every year millions of tourists who visit the twenty monuments, including the castle, explore the vineyards that produce wines with AOC, observe the animal and plant species as Bonelli's eagle and summer nivéole. You can find more of luxury hotels with a few early settlements award in the periphery. A stay on site can be worth between 50 and 450 euros a night! Among the most popular hotels, there is the four-star the Cabro d'Or, on the farmhouse of Carita. In addition to the pleasant rooms, the property includes a swimming pool, tennis court, gym and body care center. Mas de l'Oulivié on Arcoules is distinguished by olive plants, a garden and a swimming pool with unique staging. In the valley of the Benvengundo Arcoule, enjoy the benefits for the family in a very contemporary setting. For more economic institutions, there is the Best Western on the Avenue of the Vallée des Baux which has nevertheless an outdoor pool.