A captivating stay in Saint Lô.

Village de Barfleur

Most of Saint Lô hotels are cheap accommodation in hotels. If you travel to discover the area, Etap Hotel, in the center of the handle is ideal. As for the Ibis, it offers contemporary comfort in a warm atmosphere. The restaurant serves traditional cuisine. Near the Aquatic Center and the Exhibition Center, the Best Hotel and Hotel Saint Lô restaurant, offering a traditional restaurant in Norman specialties and packed lunches display a price around 45euros. But with a slightly higher price, Mercure, because of its restaurant, offers a breathtaking view of the city walls and the Lamb 3étoiles Castle, dominating the open landscape view of the valley, welcomes you in its rooms with period furnishings and 2 restaurants. The city has no shortage of restaurants, the rotunda, the Pergola, cute fishing. For outputs, opt for the Saint Lô Remparts. Visits to the Chapel of the Madeleine church Holy Cross, Church of Our Lady, the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, Grove Normand Museum are recommended.