A stay in Tabarka


Tunisia has always been a favorite destination for Europeans. warm climate, friendly people and party atmosphere, this small country of North Africa has always attracted tourists of every age and budget through its unparalleled charm.

It is true that Tunisia is known for its coastal cities hottest, namely, Hammamet, Sousse and Djerba. That said, in recent years, a small town just north began to make a name: Tabarka


A beautiful view of the coast of Tabarka from my hotel room

Lying almost on the Tunisian-Algerian border, Tabarka is a small town that has a unique and authentic charm, away from other Tunisian tourist cities. It combines mountain and sea to provide an exceptional landscape. Tabarka offers everything you need to make you spend an unforgettable holiday and even entice you to come back.

Whether you are fond of tourism and house parties connected or otherwise of activities outdoors or extreme sports, Tabarka will make you happy because you can find everything.

The tourist area of ​​Tabarka has an advantage that is not found everywhere in Tunisia, she is close to the city center. A taxi will never exceed 3 dinars (1.5 €) and whatever your hotel, you will always find not far from downtown. Movements in Tabarka are not in taxis or on foot. Before mounting, make sure that the taxi meter starts running. Otherwise, you will have a random package which is not always a good deal.


Side accommodation, Tabarka is a wonder that meets absolutely all budgets. If you are looking for the high end, I recommend Dar Ismail, a luxury 5-star hotel in the middle of a paradise garden, a huge swimming pool, spa center, a beautiful sea view, a la carte restaurant and even a nightclub and lounge bar. This hotel offers quality services and thus prices high enough also ideal for luxury lovers. The night here can reach 400 dinars (€ 200) in high season. Single or presidential suite, you can choose according to your needs.

In order to make the budget of the average tourist, Tabarka offers the Royal Golf Hotel. Located at the top of the hill in the tourist area, this hotel mixes generosity and good. This is a 4 star hotel offering more discounts than many of its competitors. The hotel offers packages all inclusive, which can be very interesting. Rates vary between 50 and 100 dinars (25 to 50 €) depending on the season. The Royal Golf include a quiet lounge bar and a small disco for residents. During the summer, an entertainment show is organized every evening around the pool. Plays, musicals and live music await you. The kitchen is provided by a chief specialist in Tunisian and Mediterranean cuisine, the buffet will include daily grilled fish, lots of vegetables and pasta delight for. The pool is often busy: water polo and aqua aerobics. At the hotel there is also a club for renting scooter or quad. Scooters are rented by the hour and rates can reach 20 dinars (€ 10) per hour, very good solution for your short trips in the city center and in the tourist area. Do not forget to negotiate any price they offer you.

When to go?

Like all the beaches of Tunisia, Tabarka is very interesting during the summer, from June to September. The sun and the weather is really great for a swim and sunbathe all day. That said, we must never forget the cap to protect his head and sunscreen to his skin. Always moisturize the maximum not to be trapped by dehydration due to the heat and sun typing on the beaches.

For more tranquil vacation, choose the spring. The climate is mild and the city seems to wake out of its winter sleep. Prices are much more interesting, less frequented beaches. This is the ideal season to enjoy Tabarka.

We must never forget, as in any Muslim country, to ask if this is the period of Ramadan or not. It is best to avoid this month called the holy month in Tunisia. During Ramadan, restaurants and bars are closed and the country live in the evening. Besides tourists, wise, are very rare. Avoid Ramadan if you value a good holiday.

Tips Tabarka:

Tabarka is full of beautiful scenery. The mountains and forests are out of sight. become tourist there are not very long ago, still enjoys Tabarka unspoiled landscapes. A walk through its forests is needed regardless of the kind

of vacation you have planned. Adding a charm to the wild and untouched forest, Tabarka beaches stretch out of sight. Situated in a great gulf that offers a clear and calm sea, you can enjoy the pleasure of swimming above the early morning when the swimmers are still rare. By late afternoon, the Tabarka beaches offer a beautiful sunset. As for the sunrise, it's behind the green mountains that one can contemplate the morning.

Downtown Tabarka:

The center of Tabarka is a very quiet area, surrounded by the cornice and a small marina, a ride it imposes the afternoon. You can visit The needles as large marine natural rocks. They are very well appointed by local authorities, a large rock bridge is established between the needles to allow many visitors to approach it safely and take photos.

Regarding the right places to relax or to eat well, there are several small restaurants in Tabarka. For lovers of seafood, the restaurant Le Pescadou Tabarka will their happiness. Sea bream or sea bass, fresh fish are exposed to a great showcase for the pleasure of customers. Simply choose the fish and how to cook. The atmosphere is very friendly and charming decor. It takes no less than 50 dinars (€ 25) per person at Pescadou. A good bottle of Tunisian wine can cost 40 dinars (20 €). Address: place of Frejus marina in Tabarka .

After a good hearty breakfast, a tour of the Andalusian side cafe is required: Oriental decor and music very authentic. You can quietly sip your mint tea and smoking a hookah (shisha) flavored with strawberry. A moment of pure relaxation on a very oriental rhythm for lovers of relaxed attitude. The cafe serves very good tea with pine nuts and chicha is best strawberry taste, trust me. It takes a budget of 5 dinars (2.5 €) for hookah and 3 dinars (1.5 €) for a glass of tea with pine nuts.


As any tourist area that meets in Tabarka you can view all along the beaches, water sports clubs. Parachutes, banana or jet ski, all means are good to rave. With an often quiet thanks to the Gulf Sea, all these sports are available almost year round, except in winter. With family or friends, spend great moments through very crazy attractions. Prices may vary by season, in high season (June to August) the parachute up to 40 dinars (€ 20) for a quarter of an hour, banana 20 dinars (€ 10) for a lap, and jet ski 50 TND (25 €) for a quarter of an hour.

Another popular activity in Tabarka, quad biking. The clubs usually offer tours of a minimum time with a guide who will show you around. The cost of an hour quad bike can reach 40 dinars (20 €) in high season.

In the same genre as the quad, you can always take a ride on horseback or by camel. Riding clubs or individuals offer you a ride for an hour to explore the area from a different angle. Dive into the atmosphere Arabian nights for an hour of your time and let yourself be carried away by the charm of this beautiful coastal city. The rides camel and horse are usually around 30 dinars (€ 15) per person. Negotiate if many of you.

Diving Tabarka:

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When I went to Tabarka it is not by chance. The city is a boon for scuba diving enthusiasts. All around this city, coral is sprinkled in depth and are not diving clubs missing. You can also bring your hardware and indulge in the pleasure of diving. Rocky bottoms are beautiful to behold and are full of coral everywhere. To see them, you simply make a simple statement to free the area police station. That said, do not try to pick as this is governed by strict Tunisian law and abuse will be punished severely.

The dive side needles is magnificent as the waters are deep a few meters from the beach and the bottom is very well stocked. Marine flora and fauna will be at the rendezvous to the delight of divers.

A Tabarka can also practice underwater hunting. Just again to make a simple statement of your dive gun at the police station.

Take a fairly mild combination during the summer. With a rocky bottom full of holes like Tabarka, you better have a gun that does not exceed 75 cm with or without reel. The fishing hole can be very successful especially if you draw it right.

The waters of Tabarka are known for their grouper and sea bass. Like any respectable rocky area, lobsters and sea urchins are plentiful. Groupers and large octopus perfectly hide in small nicks rocks. Everywhere, sars hole are plentiful too, the piece can easily reach 500 grams so your guns and enjoy yourself while respecting the environment.

Fishing in Tabarka is also good surf casting fishing in the English. The baits are sold in small shops fishing equipment. In January and February, fishing for sea bass is practiced so abundant. Prepare just enough robust surfcasting rods and reels bearings. Local entice wolffish with pieces of sardines they reinforce with elastic thread. Fishing for sea bass is practiced sunset until dawn. During the day the keys of large sea lions are almost nonexistent but you can always fall on some local fish such as sea bream or marbled.

If you go to Tabarka in August, the saupe is abundant and surf casting parts can reach 1 kilogram. Eating everything and anything, this fish moves bench near rocky bottoms, and Tabarka is an ideal background to catch big fish.

Tabarka Jazz Festival:

Another atmosphere, away from diving and fishing, Tabarka Jazz Festival. This is one of the best known summer events in Tunisia. During the month of July, usually between the 2nd and 3rd week Tabarka lights of a thousand lights thanks to concerts, musical entertainment on the beaches up in trendy restaurants and bars. worldwide artists parading on different platforms Tabarka shows and the city hardly sleeps more under the influence of music and good summer mood. This festival has seen celebrities from around the world as Al Di Meola, Alpha Blondy, Diana Krall or even Miles Daves. From jazz, blues to reggae, jazz festival has been, since 1997, a culture mixture under the motto I do not want to tan idiot !! Concerts are held in all Tabarka basilica which has a capacity of 1000 seats, a very authentic setting. Campfires, guitars and camps scattered across the sandy beaches, groups of young people come to spend time recalling friendly hippies years. The access tickets to concerts are different prices in different artists. Festival organizers even offer passes an entire evening or the festival for a great price. Some travel agencies offer hosting packages, transport and passes for all festival concerts, these packages are generally more interesting tariff perspective. A moment of intense madness not to be missed if you are in the northwest corner of Tunisia. Since 2009, the Tabarka Jazz Festival will held more regularly and that's a shame.

Ain Draham:

Air Draham

Go to Tabarka does not mean stay in Tabarka throughout his stay. All around the city there are great areas to visit, such as Ain Draham that I invite you to discover.

This small village in the mountains just 35km from Tabarka is a real gem in the mountains. Dotted with small houses with tiles on the roofs, Ain Draham is a haven where hiking, camping, barbecue and freshwater fishing are when time permits. The mountains and forests of Ain Draham offer unforgettable moments of relaxation. In winter, snow often in Ain Draham. Enjoy your visit to the region to visit the large dam of Beni Metir.

Spending the night in Ain Draham is a sublime idea to better discover places you can book in RIHANA hotel, a small 3 & Save that offers a very authentic the old cabin of the hunter. The price here revolve around 50 dinars (€ 25) a night with breakfast accommodation.

For budget travelers, there is always the youth center that offers a bed at 7 dinars (3.5 €) at night. Very clean and well organized, the house of young hosts many visiting tourists who want to enjoy the calm of this small mountain village.

Ain Draham is a delight for lovers and professionals of outdoor activities. Climbing, hiking, hunting wild boar and mountain biking are generously offered by the wilderness that surrounds this village. The forests are protected and have not yet been perverted by the concrete and gross tourism.

Small purchases before leaving Tabarka:

If before leaving Tabarka, you want to do some shopping on the ledge you can see across the street souvenir sellers: rocks, shells and other marine objects. But beware of false coral. Tabarka is a true coral mining and street vendors you will always believe they sell you the truth. To be sure that it's real, I suggest buying coral jewelry in which you will be given a certificate of guarantee. This will certainly cost more, but you're sure to have a real one. In addition, you will limit traffic this beautiful and rare animal.

Unlike all other tourist cities of Tunisia, Tabarka has no medina. All you will find on the ledge is the only souvenir market that the city hosts. So for all your small memories is to the ledge he must go. The center of Tabarka is small and runs it in full on foot in no time.

Tabarka in two words:

With such a unique charm and also authentic landscapes, Tabarka is considered one of the dream destinations of the Tunisian coast. All activities are present and livelihoods are very simple. Whatever the way in which you planned to spend the holidays, you'll find it somewhere in Tabarka. Hotels, night clubs, water sports, charming restaurants, homes for rent, scuba diving, boat rides and Jazz Festival. Go to Tabarka and especially take with you your good mood.

Tabarka practice:

Getting there by plane:

Tabarka has a small airport that receives mainly domestic flights. It should therefore go to Tunis first, and after taking an internal flight to Tabarka. The Tunis-Tabarka airline ticket costs twenty euros. Otherwise, you can take the bus or rental (shared taxi) which will cost you less. Once there, and to get to the hotel the taxi is the best solution. It will cost 10 dinars (€ 5) approximately.

to sleep:

In Tabarka, there is something for everyone and every budget. If you prefer hotels, I recommend the Dar Ismail hotel. If you want a more modest address and not at all expensive, I recommend The Youth House Tabarka (Quoted el Morjène, 8110 Tabarka, Tel: 00216 78672535). In high season and especially during the Jazz Festival in Tabarka, you will be hard pressed to find available seats.

Restaurants tested for you:

Pescadou magnificent à la carte restaurant, specialty seafood and fresh fish, otherwise small fast food and kebab are everywhere.

What shopping in Tabarka?

in Tabarka, you can buy souvenirs made of coral and other local products. Do not forget to negotiate rates.

Which bars in Tabarka:

If during your stay in Tabarka, you want to go to a bar, choose those hotels: the lounge bar Dar Ismail or the Royal Golf as a matter of attendance and atmosphere.

How to get around:

The tourist area of ​​Tabarka is not very large. The movement from one hotel to another are generally done on foot. Otherwise, you can always call a taxi.