A stay at the Bourboule, a spa

Bourboule became famous for its thermal baths. As a result, many institutions equipped for patients and visitors. The city offers different categories of hotels. One night in Bourboule will cost 50 euros in if you're staying in hotels like 2étoiles: Pavilion with a jazz atmosphere at the restaurant, Cléotel, a boutique hotel, close to the spas. The aviation Logis horizon with the Monts d'Auvergnes, has a heated pool, a fitness center and a game room. But you can also opt for hotels with Spa Logis Charlet, Logis Regina at the Volcano Park. Near the casino Bourboule, opposite the Fenestre park and thermal baths, the Residence of the British Isles, from 3étoiles Class offers apartments and studios with an average price of 40euros.Pour rural hotels, the Fairy Park on the banks of the Dordogne offers its center of wellness and children's playground and the hotel Flower through which the Dordogne therefore a possibility baths and fishing.