A stay in Hammamet

Hammamet-les plages

Hammamet is a Tunisian town that lies north-east of Tunisia, in the Cap Bon. It is reputed to be one of the best resorts in Tunisia and the first tourist destination of the country. The city belongs administratively to the governorate of Nabeul. The city has 65,000 inhabitants but that number is multiplied by four during the summer. It is the preferred destination for Tunisians and many tourists mainly from Europe.

Hammamet is mainly composed of two main zones: The center of Hammamet historically oldest and built around the Medina and South Hammamet, a resort designed especially for tourists. The northern part, also called North Hammamet is itself a little more discreet.

The city is known primarily for its many kilometers of beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand. She is also known for its golf courses and its international festival held every summer.

Hammamet Mediterranean climate not very cold in winter, not too hot in summer. It rarely rains in Hammamet and almost never snow. Tourism activity reached its peak in July and August. Tourists from around the world come to swim and sunbathe in clubs, hotels, and luxury hotels.

How to get to Hammamet?

The nearest airports are Hammamet airports of Tunis Carthage, the Ennfidha International Airport and the Airport Habib Bourguiba Monastir. A highway connects Hammamet Sousse and Tunis. The main airport is the Tunis Carthage and elsewhere, it is the most convenient to Hammamet. From the airport, there are several possibilities: tourist taxis which are more expensive but more comfortable, the praises, buses and uncomfortable trains. Some hotels provide transportation for their clients from the airport to the hotel. Bus stations, louages ​​and trains in downtown Tunis. To get there, the easiest solution is to take a taxi. There is a taxi rank just outside the airport. The route between Tunis and Hammamet lasts from 40 minutes to an hour.

The taxi transport is cheap in Tunisia compared to Paris for example. A one-hour trip costs an average 6 euros. Taxis are metered beginning 400 thousandths (20 euro cents). The means of transport (bus and tram) are comfortable and are always full. There is no tram line through the airport.

A very friendly:

For my first visit in Hammamet, I opted for Hotel El Mouradi they advised me. It is located South Hammamet, about twenty meters from a beach. The hotel also has a heated swimming pools. El Mouardi is actually two juxtaposed hotels including one 4 star and 5 star the second. The quality of hotel service is impressive and the staff is friendly. The rooms are large and well equipped: cable TV, telephone and minibar. The restaurant offers a selection of Tunisian and Mediterranean dishes including the famous couscous. Tunisian cuisine is made from meat, fish and vegetables cooked and well spiced. Enjoy your visit to Tunisia to taste the Harrissa! Trust me and go in moderation, it can be very spicy!

El Mouradi offers several sports and cultural activities such as drama classes and yoga. In addition, there are a health center, sauna and thalassotherapy. Room rates vary by season and summer is the most expensive season. The minimum amount to be granted a room is about 50 euros. El Mouradi offers single type, double, triple and quadruple with several options.

The Medina of Hammamet

The Medina

The ancient town of Hammamet is located a few kilometers from Nabeul. The city is known for its ramparts, its medina and souks. Kasba (the fort of Hammamet) is located south of the medina. In front of the monument, there are guns. Opposite is the Brauhaus Berber. This is a restaurant and bar that serves among other dark beer and pizzas on a wood fi

re. There is huge on with sea views. Another Brauhaus is located in Yasmine Hammamet, but the style is completely different.

The white houses of the medina, with their blue windows, strongly reminiscent of Sidi Bou Said. Other monuments found Dar Sebastian and its botanical garden and the city theater where takes place every year the International Festival of Hammamet. North of the city lies the forest Faouara.

The tourist resort of Yasmine Hammamet:

Located south of the city of Hammamet, Yasmine Hammamet is a seaside resort that has emerged in recent years. It has hotels, tourist residences, restaurants, an amusement park and shopping centers that primarily sell handicrafts. Amid the station is Carthage Land, a theme park and the Medina which is a reproduction of the style of an ancient Arab city. In front of Carthage Land, there is a large square with benches.

For Hammamet there are also bars and nightclubs, many hotels and a marina. The city is built on the Gulf of Hammamet and extends several kilometers from organized beaches. To better explore the city, I recommend the tourist train that periodically around the city.

Besides Hammamet, there is the archaeological site of Pupput containing baths and houses. It contains a collection of stones and mosaics. Hammamet was in antiquity a spa for the Roman Empire.

A trip to the Medina Yasmine Hammamet:

The Medina Yasmine Hammamet is an artificial and modern representation of the real Medina, with all its cultural and architectural aspects. The streets are narrow and there are shops where it sells accessories and souvenirs of Tunisia. In cafes you can smoke hookah (shisha in Tunisian dialect) and enjoy a Turkish coffee. In the large square in the middle of Medina Yasmine Hammamet, there is often entertainment and shows. The day I was there, everyone cheered the illusionist playing magic tricks and danced snakes. He often invited people from the audience to participate in his tricks.

A pleasant half-day Carthage Land:

A tourist camel

Carthage Land is an amusement center in two parts: a water park (Aqualand) and ride that includes a child zone. The visitor is greeted by Carthage Land Carthaginian warriors on elephant back. This scene reminds Hannibal's army came to conquer Rome and reflects the architecture and style of the Park. Adults and children can live unforgettable and intense moments through different games. It is full of games like bumper cars, the wheel and horses.

Aqualand is a kind of water park with two swimming pools and water games for children and adults. Entrance to the park is not free. The formulas vary between 5 and 12 euros depending on the activities and ages. Families and children will be much pleasure in this leisure area especially in summer. There are also restaurants and cafes to Carthage Land. The place is ideal for a day.

swimming at the beach of Hammamet

To go to the beach, you just cross the road from the hotel. The South Hammamet beach is sandy and stretches for a few kilometers to the Marina Port Yasmine Hammamet. The beach is equipped, there are umbrellas, tables and chairs. In summer, the beach is full of tourists from all corners. The atmosphere is festive. You can swim or sunbathing, walking on the beach or playing sports. Clubs rent jet skis and offer pedalo or banana rides. It is also possible to fly the parachute area. Rates vary between 5 euros and 25 euros pedalo for parachutes for an experience full of sensations. Young vendors of sweets and jasmine flowers (called bouquet Machmoum) present their goods to tourists.

Beach in Hammamet south

Marina Yasmine Hammamet and his pirate ship:

Yasmine Hammamet Marina is a marina that houses several restaurants, cafes and a stand selling luxury cars. Several events are organized in the evening. On the quay of the port, there are a few boats, yachts and sailboats. There is also a boat called The Pirate conducting offshore trips from the port of Yasmine Hammamet. The outputs last a few hours. On board there is a restaurant, an entertainment team and a musical troupe. The atmosphere is very friendly on the boat and dishes and specialties served are good and based on fish and seafood. It will take between 20 and 25 euros approximately. If many of you, do not hesitate to negotiate the price.

An evening at the Havana Club Hammamet:

The city of Hammamet is also known for its nightlife. Major hotels are equipped with their own nightclubs. In addition, there are others like Havana Club Calypso and Oasis. The best Tunisian and international DJ transiting Hammamet very rhythmic evenings. Havana Club has the particularity of being a thematic nightclub. The decor is Cuban with paintings and accessories of life and Cuban and Latin figures such as Che Guevara. In Havana Club there is also a restaurant serving Spanish and Latin specialties, a dance floor and bar. Havana Club is for a nice dinner and a party salsa or tango.

Hammamet, surroundings, activities:

The Elmouradi hotel organizes from time to time 4x4 excursions to the Berber village of Takrouna. Takrouna is located about fifty kilometers south of Hammamet, a few kilometers Ennfidha. It is a village built on a hill 200 meters above sea level with a magnificent view of the Gulf of Hammamet and the beaches of Hergla. The landscape is beautiful at sunset. At the top of the hill, there are a few dozen houses, a mausoleum and a typical café where you can enjoy coffee and mint tea. The owner is a very charming lady, who takes the time to chat with customers. In the cafe, you have a museum and a jewelry showroom.

The route also passes by a Roman village called Zriba Alia. I was told that several movies have been filmed there.

Your hotel as many other hotels of Hammamet will also offer walking track quad or camel or horse in the city of Hammamet. What I can guarantee is that we will not get bored in Hammamet. There is so much to do and see & hellip;

Hammamet Souks:

To buy souvenirs and gifts for friends, souks Hammamet offer an infinity of accessories and handicrafts. Among the accessories there are the silver jewelry with coral decorations, traditional Tunisian dress like harem pants and djebba, hookahs, the rugs in wool and pottery. There is also a wide range of leather accessories. Tunisian traditional cakes are delicious and can be kept for a long time.

Among the interesting places to shop, there is the Souk inside the Medina of Yasmine Hammamet and the series of shop opposite the beach in Yasmine Hammamet. At the ancient city of Hammamet (Hammamet Nord), there are also shops in the narrow alleys of the medina. Vendors welcome their customers with a smile and haggling can last several minutes. Payment can be made in dinar or euro.

Restaurants Hammamet

Couscous is the most popular dish in Tunisia. It is prepared with meat, chicken and fish. There are even sweet couscous with dates or prepared Grenadines called masfouf. There are other specialties such as Tunisian salads, lablebi (dish made with bread, hot water, chickpeas and many spices), the kaftéji (fried vegetables with eggs), Ojja (tomato sauce eggs). In addition, there are grills and Italian, French and Spanish dishes like paella, pizza and pasta. Hammamet is also known for sandwiches, and especially one that I loved, chapati, it has nothing to do with the Indian chapati. There is also a wide range of wines and beers Tunisian. The celtia is the mark of the most famous beer in Tunisia.

There are two restaurants ranges in Hammamet. Popular restaurants serving grilled meats, sandwiches and local specialties at low prices. A dish costs about 3 euros. There are also fine restaurants for chic and romantic dinners. Barbarossa The Restaurant offers specialties of the Mediterranean and seafood. This restaurant has a beautiful view of the beach and dinner costs about 25 euros per person. Other good restaurants we quoted Pomodoro (+216 72281254), Bouillabaisse and Shiraz restaurant in Hotel Sindbad.

When in Hammamet, there are known addresses of all for this or that dish. For the chapati, we will show you an address for pizzas that will be another, and to the ice, there's the favorite glacier regulars of the city. Personally, I ate the best pancake of my life in Hammamet and it was in Aouicha. It seems that this is the sign that unanimous.

A visit to the cafe Sidi Bouhdid:

The coffee Sidi Bouhdid is located in a corner of the old medina of Hammamet seaside. At the entrance, there is a water fountain decorated with three blue sirens. Coffee is formed by two parts, one under the parasols to the beach and another in Medina. In this final part we find exhibits of traditional clothing and you can sit on carpets and rest on cushions. At the cafe Sidi bouhdid are served fresh fruit juice, tea and coffee prepared the Tunisian mode. One can also smoke hookah with flavored tobacco (apple, mint, grape and cherry) and watch the sun setting over the sea. Often the evening, troops come play traditional Tunisian and Arab music using the lute. My evening at the cafe Sidi bouhdid was special.

Hammamet in two words:

To summarize my stay, I would say Hammamet is a beautiful and warm city of its inhabitants. The stay is very pleasant. I liked especially the trip to the edge of the pirate ship and the cafe in Sidi Bouhdid. The resort activities are interesting and also cures. Besides, enjoy your stay in Hammamet offer a spa treatment. The Hammamet beaches are beautiful and that's why they are often invaded.


Where to Stay

The area of ​​Hammamet has a large number of hotels of all ranges. For those who are looking for luxury, this is not the addresses that missing El Mouradi, Vincci Taj Sultan Yasmine Hammamet Royal Azur Thalasso Golf.

For smaller budgets, my selection is on the Zenith and Bel Azur Thalassa. One can also rent furnished apartments and villas. It is usually done in the week and there is a great demand for real estate in the summer. Some hotels and agencies also rent bungalows.

Climate Hammamet:

Hammamet enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. Temperatures vary between 5 degrees and 40 degrees in December in August. In summer, it is strongly advised to protect themselves with creams against the sun to protect the skin burns. In spring and autumn, it is also relatively warm in Hammamet. People who can not stand the heat can take advantage of milder temperatures in summer and at lower prices. Indeed, hotels are expensive in summer and during the holiday season. Prices are significantly reduced during the spring, fall and winter.

How to move in Hammamet:

The main means of transportation in Hammamet are taxis and buses. However, taxis are preferable to buses are often late, always full and restricted routes. The bus ticket for a journey of 10 kilometers is 25 cents. Taxis are not very expensive in Tunisia. Indeed, rates rarely exceed ten euros. In some areas of the city there are taxis and definite route. The seat costs 50 cents. There is also a train that runs between the old town and Bir Bouregba for correspondence with the train that goes to Sousse and Tunis. Louages ​​also serve other cities like Cap Bon Kelibia, Nabeul and Korbous which is a spa with Turkish baths and a hot spring. Having a car offers more flexibility. In addition, there is not much traffic in Hammamet season. Renting a car costs around 35 euros for the day. There are rental agencies at the airport.

Where to get information?

For tourist information, one can refer to the tourist office in Hammamet (Avenue Habib Bourguiba - +216 72280423). There are also two tourist information offices in Hammamet downtown (Avenue republic - +216 72280423) and the Jewel Hotel in Yasmine Hammamet. In addition, there is the Regional Office of Tourism at the center of Nabeul (Avenue Taieb M'hiri, Nabeul - +216 72 286 737/800).

Some useful numbers in case of problems: Emergency Police 197, firefighters and civil protection and Samu 198 for emergency medical transport 190 .

The majority of consular representations are in the capital Tunis. Consulate of France in Tunisia is located in Avenue Habib Bourguiba.

For communications, it is advisable to buy a Tunisian line at the airport. It costs less than 5 euros and minute for France costs 25 euro cents / min.