A hotel in Montgenèvre: our best addresses


Of course, it is the French Alps which we hear about most during the ski season, but massive in its southern part does not lack more quality ski resorts . This is the case of the French Alps, with Montgenèvre and excellent international ski area ...
Montgenèvre The town is indeed the border with Italy. The resort has its area of ​​Grand Montgenèvre already offers great opportunities for slips, but the highlight remains the largest area of ​​ Via Lattea (Milky Way), which extends mainly Italian side.

Montgenèvre is thus the only French station giving access an exceptional domain: 400 km of slopes, stunning scenery, modern facilities and quality, since the domain was the background to the events of the Winter Olympics Turin 2006!

Downhill skiing, but also cross country skiing, snowboarding, sledding, freeride for lovers of off-piste or ski schools for skiers apprentices, the resort has something to attract all types of vacationers. Sports feast!

But Montgenèvre also proves a pleasant resort, which has its shops, restaurants and bars, allowing it to remain active and lively day and night: a holiday that is not just skiing ... < / p>

Season Ski Montgenèvre

And for a successful stay, nothing better than accommodation tailored to your desires. In this matter, Montgenèvre offers a wide range, with hotels and various tourist residences standings: enough to adjust the price and services that are best for you .

This provided of course to book in advance: Montgenèvre has its share of fans and the station is in full season. The quality of the resort and the area do not go unnoticed and bookings begin early! Do not wait until the last moment if you go to many, family, friends ...

Hotel Radius, the small 2 star comfortable 4 star, via the 3 star service spa, the choice is wide. It's the same with the residences, which offer apartments classified 3-4 star and fully equipped: a generally economical solution to many and allowing to cook home, reducing the budget restaurant !

How to book?
To help you make your choice, Cityzeum provides you with a list of recommended addresses to Montgenèvre (hotels, residences ...) and contacts (email, phone number, website): avoid intermediaries and book directly with the hotels by choosing from the selection !

Montgenèvre : our hotel selection and residences

Hotel Alpis Cottia - 2 stars
Square Escartons - 5100 Montgenèvre
- 16 rooms
- Mail: hotelalpiscottia@orange.fr- Tel. : 0492215000

The Grand Hotel - 3 stars
Street sings the wind - 5100 Montgenèvre
- 47
rooms - Mail: Tel acrespo@vtf-vacances.com- . : 0492219049
- Website: http://www.vtf-vacances.com

Anova Hotel And Spa - 3 stars
HAMLET OF OBELISK - 5100 Montgenevre
- 40
rooms - Mail: info@anova-hotel.com - Tel. : 0492544804
- Website: http://www.anova-hotel.com

Sarl Le Chalet Blanc - 4 star
Hamlet Obelisk - 5100 Montgenèvre
- 32 rooms
- Mail: Tel info@hotellechaletblanc.com- . : 0492442702
- Website: http://hotellechaletblanc.com

Residence Neige Et Golf - 2 stars
ROAD OF ITALY - 5100 Montgenevre
- 25
rooms - Mail: sylvie.candotto@residences-hotels- c2a.fr- Tel. : 0492461186
- Website: http://www.residences-hotels-c2a.fr

Village Club Du Soleil Montgenevre - 3 stars

05107 Montgenèvre Briançon Cedex
- Mail: contact@lesvillagesclubsdusoleil.com - Tel. href="tel:0492256000" 0492256000
- Website: href="http://www.villagesclubsdusoleil.com/" http://www.villagesclubsdusoleil.com

Cgh - Les Chalets Des Dolines - 4 star
HAMLET OF OBELISK - 5100 Montgenevre
- 3 bedrooms
- Mail: VGA @ mgm-estate .fr- Tel. : 0450889797
- Website: http://www.cgh-residences.com

Residence Mmv Hameau Des Airelles - 4 star
hamlet of obelisk - 5100 Montgenevre
- 190 rooms
- Mail: c.vuillod@mmv. fr- Tel. : 0492126210
- Website: http://www.mmv.fr