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Accommodation and tourist season in Tunisia.

accommodation in Tunisia from simple residential hotel with luxurious five-star, through clubs apartments and small family hotels, which allows everyone to find an address that matches it. In general downgrade of a star compared to European standards. The coast of Tunisia with its beautiful beaches offers a special setting for beach holidays. Nothing d'étonnant that hotels have flourished on its coastline, turning old fishing villages in fashionable resorts or creating vast entertainment complexes where there was only sand. Djerba Tabarka, coastal landscape was modeled often unattractive as a function of the increasing influx of tourists, without necessarily taking into account the environmental and cultural impact. The price of the hotels along the coast is unsurprisingly higher than in the city or in rural areas. The low tourist season is from January to February. Hotel prices then drop significantly, unlike June, July and August are the months of high tourist numbers. Normally the room rate is always displayed at the reception. The price fluctuates according to the season and can be negotiated in low season.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Tunisia.

If you choose a cheap hotel in Tunisia, always ask to see the rooms before you make your key, because comfort can vary from one room to another. Overall it is better to prefer a midrange hotel or luxury rather than a cheap, they are often poorly maintained, for a few euros more you can pay for a nicer hotel. Of all the Tunisian coast, the club stays and all-inclusive formulas prevail and are generally cheaper. However, book a hotel apart can allow more flexibility

Which cities book a hotel in Tunisia.

Although Tunisia is known for its resorts, the country has a rich heritage with some beautiful cities to visit, Monastir, Sousse, El Kef for its Byzantine kasbah, and El Jem for its exceptional Roman amphitheater, a site UNESCO-listed, and then of course Tunis, the economic capital and the country's politics. The city fascinates primarily by its dual culture, you have a genuine Tunis side with its medina and on the other hand the modern Tunis with its boulevards and avenues.

Main resorts of Tunisia.

Beach resort vacation in Tunisia are extremely popular. The main stations are on the East coast between La Goulette (near Tunis) and Monastir, and then of course in Djerba. The best beaches of Tunisia are in Djerba, Ghar El Melh-, Rafrafbeach, Sidi El Mekki, Sounine, Sousse Zarzis .

Focus on hotels in Tunis, Djerba, Monastir, Hammamet and Tozeur.

Tunisian tourist resort situated in an oasis at the entrance of the Sahara, Tozeur is known as the gateway to the desert. Many tourists come and go in Tozeur with organized tours but you will easily find a hotel in Tozeur individually. You will find in the center of Tozeur many small hotels enjoyable and affordable. Ask all the same to visit the rooms before you make your key, because comfort can vary from one room to another. In Tunis there are three types of accommodation; smaller institutions inherited from the colonial era, the small family hotels as well as luxury hotels belonging to international hotel chains. In Tunis do not deprive yourself of staying in higher category hotel (four or five stars): they are usually cheaper than in France; adding that the quality of service is not the same. In Djerba, the accommodation ranges from the residence at the luxurious five-star establishment, through clubs and small family hotels. Everyone should find a room that matches it. club stays and all-inclusive formulas prevail and are generally cheaper. However, book a hotel apart can allow more flexibility Attention in the summer, the hotels and resorts located in Djerba fully booked well in advance. In Monastir, on the east coast of Tunisia, my hotels are numerous, the entire hotel range is represented, the small family hotel to luxury hotel through the intermediate ranges, hotel 1, 2, 3 stars. Those classified have prices set by the Ministry of Tourism, always displayed at the reception. A Hammamet, the center of the city is the area bounded by the walls of the fortress are concentrated a large number of restaurants and hotels as well as many shops mainly for tourists. At about 10 km south of the city has emerged in recent years, the new tourist resort of Yasmine Hammamet. Side housing, the supply of accommodation is mainly oriented towards large hotels 3 or 4 star, who will succeed along the coast and offer all-inclusive stays. There are few smaller hotels 1 or 2 stars.

Sleep cheap in Tunisia hostels, youth hostels, campsites .

The budget will also be heading to one of the hostels of Tunisia (no age limit, no membership card. These usually offer double rooms and a shared kitchen. the dorms are not unmixed surprise, it will be the girls on one side and boys on the other. There is a youth hostel in Tunis, located Rue Essaida AJOULA. Contact the National Office of Tunisian Tourism or the United Federation of Youth Hostels (FUAJ) for more information. An even cheaper solution than the hostel is to rent a mattress and sleeping on a hotel terrace, or to mount his tent at a campsite. These are few throughout Tunisia and are often very basic.

What alternative to hotels in Tunisia?

One of the specificities of Tunisia in accommodations are Marhalas, cheap and quaint inns that are found mainly in the south of the country. Some are furnished in Marhalas troglodyte houses. Otherwise there are also guest houses, rest houses, bivouacs, serviced apartments. -The apartment rentals: as in many tourist destinations, the apartment rental has quickly developed in Tunisia. Aparthotel, residence studio, private apartment, a rental of this type does not necessarily cost much more than a hotel, while providing full autonomy. An apartment is interesting for several days and shared with others (family, group of friends, family, etc ...). A solution should not be overlooked.