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Accommodation and tourist seasons in Burgundy.

Burgundy is known for its rich history, its remarkable architectural heritage, its famous wines and fine cuisine. Thus it attracts more and more people, adapting its hotel portfolio to the growing demand. You will find a wide choice of accommodation in Burgundy: hotels from 1 to 4 stars, cottages, campsites, holiday villages, unusual accommodation in a caravan, in a tree house, river tourism, guest house in the heart of the vineyards. Ideally, it is better to book in advance his hotel in Burgundy for more choice and increase your chances of getting the best rates.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Burgundy.

The rates for hotels vary depending on tourist seasons: the prices given below are therefore orders only. -No dear: 20/30 euros / night -Good market: up to 60 euros / night -Price medium: 60-100 euros / night -Comfortable: 100-150 euros / night -High range of more than 140 euros / night Before you leave take a little time to find your place on the internet, see the comments, the various services, the situation of the hotel. Look carefully you will find affordable hotels in the city center and in the tourist areas.

Which cities book a hotel in Burgundy.

The main towns of Burgundy are: Auxerre, Dijon, Nevers and Macon. Macon is the prefecture of the department of Saone-et-Loire, the city extends on the west bank of the Saône, the St. Antoine district is, with the Place aux Herbes, the historical heart of Macon, this area covers north of the city center. It contains most of the historic buildings and two museums. At Auxerre, accommodation side, there is a slew of chain hotels, some very cheap, on the ring road of the city, 151 National Road and Boulevard Vauban. In Nevers many pilgrims come to the almost intact body of St. Bernadette (Soubirous) based here since 1925 in a green glass and bronze in the chapel of the Church of St. Gildard convent. Other things to see in the pretty center of Nevers are: Baroque chapel of St. Mary baroque 17th century Ducal Palace from the 15th century with its Renaissance facade carved stones, the Saint-Cyr Cathedral. Finally do not forget to stop in Dijon, a beautiful city with a remarkable historical heritage, the main sites of Dijon are: Place François Rude, the Ducal Palace, the Philippe turn Le Bon in the Ducal Palace, the Palace of Justice, Sainte-Bénigne Cathedral and St. Michael's church, built from the 15th to the 17th century.

Some dream hotels in Burgundy.

Here's a list of 5 and 4 star hotels in Burgundy, sorted by city: In Beaune: -Hostellerie Cedar Beaune. -Hostellerie De Levernois in Beaune. -Hotel Henry II Beaune Center -Château de Challanges, Beaune. Has Dijon : - Sofitel Dijon La Cloche. - Chateau De Vault De Lugny in Dijon. - Hotel Philippe Le Bon in Dijon. - Best Western Hostellerie Du Chapeau Rouge in Dijon. - Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts in Dijon. Other: - Hostellerie de la Poste, Avallon

Focus on hotels in Dijon, Nevers and Auxerre.

In Dijon, either in the center or heart of the vineyards you will find all kinds of accommodation options, choose from 78 hotels, 7 guest rooms, 4 cottages, furnished accommodation and 5 1 campsite. Cheap hotels in Dijon are located on the outskirts of the city, the type Villages Hotel, North / South, Formula 1, Fasthotel .... For smaller budgets head to the hostel which is situated close to the university campus 2km from the city center. In Nevers, you should find the formula of accommodation for you whether you are single, couple or family: hotels from 1 to 4 stars, campsites, lodges, guest rooms, hostel, etc ... The campsite on the banks of the Loire and has a beautiful view of the Ducal Palace and the Cathedral. At Auxerre, the following hotels will offer a good value: Hostellerie du Center, Hotel-Restaurant de l'Ecluse, the Bergerand's, not to mention the Ibis South. You can also refer you to an accommodation in guest rooms in this category we recommend: Tulips and Domaine Dessus Bon Boire. You can also opt to rent a furnished or aparthotel apartment in this category of accommodation please turn to The Convent of the Edge.

Sleep cheap in Burgundy: hostels, youth hostels, campsites .

To find cheap accommodation it will take you away from tourist attractions and downtown, you can turn to the chain hotels on the outskirts of the cities or to the hostels. These are open to all, with FUAJ card you will benefit from even better prices. And then was the most economical option will remain the site.

What alternative to hotels in Burgundy?

In addition to classic forms of accommodation, there are many in Burgundy or unusual places to stay; cottages, campsites, holiday villages, accommodation in a caravan, in a tree house, guest house in the heart of the vineyards. To have all the information from these unusual accommodation places, visit the official website of the tourist office in Burgundy. Renting apartment-hotels can also be an advantageous alternative for a weekend or more if you stay long. Side home exchange, see for example a site like, an online exchange platform between houses especially for a holiday stay in short or extended.