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Accommodation and tourist seasons in the United States.

Find a cheap hotel in the United States is not easy, especially in big cities, you have to make to local prices, which are nothing like what you know in Europe. Along highways and outside the cities you still find many motels that can offer a good value for a reasonable price. To book a hotel in the USA, the easiest way is to go through the Internet: the hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. Additionally, specials are not rare, glancing regularly, it is common to come across a good deal. The hotel's description, details of benefits, conditions and customer reviews are a great help to help you make your choice. It is advisable to book in advance during the tourist season, prices vary greatly depending on the season. Otherwise you can also direct you to the site, a travel guide and a website that lists all US tourist offices. The site provides many practical and travel information Where to stay? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around In addition to providing information these links you with many accommodation facilities, as well as tour operators, airlines, shipping or bus.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in the United States.

By far the most common form of accommodation in rural areas of the United States and along many highways is the motel. They usually offer cheap, clean and well equipped with telephone, TV, bathroom. Allow between 30 dollars and 70 dollars for a double room. As business hotels in, they are increasingly available throughout the country. They can be found in small towns across the Midwest or in coastal urban areas. In general, they are more expensive than motels, but not as expensive as the major hotels, with prices around 70 dollars to 170 dollars. As for conventional hotels, they are available in most cities and usually offer more services and amenities than motels. Room prices vary between $ 80 and $ 300 per night. Note that many American cities have "edge cities", ie very modern suburbs with high quality hotel for the affluent business travelers.

Which cities reservations in the United States.

Side cities, the East Coast has many cities to explore, such as New York, the city that standing has a unique melting pot of cultures. Washington, the capital of the country, which has an impressive number of monuments and statues, beginning with its obelisk and the imposing Lincoln Memorial. Chicago, the city where the skyscraper was invented. It should also visit Atlanta, a growing city where the 1996 Olympics were held, and Miami, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. When the West Coast, with California, its sun, starlets, endless boulevards ... it is the most populous US state, it has never ceased to fantasize and get his world, as demonstrates the huge Los Angeles and the smaller but no less interesting San Francisco.

Zoom in on New York hotels, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington.

In New York, the accommodation offer is wide and diverse, well New York is quite expensive, but looking good can have hotels at reasonable prices. To do this it will take away from Manhattan or opt for a youth aubeàrge. New York hotels are quite sophisticated in general offer much more than just a place to sleep, they offer spas and beauty salons, restaurants and lounge bars, their theme decorations is often very refined. Some good addresses: Park View Hotel, a moderate hotel located across from Central Park. A little more expensive Carlton Arms offers an original decor, and the rooms have been painted by artists and are all different. To book your hotel in New York, you can by a central reservation Booking kind or through the central reservation of the tourist office of the city, NYCGO.COM. It includes many practical and tourist information about the Big Apple: hotels, restaurants, bars, monuments and museums, map and guide, transport and map of the bus network, metro, train, exit and events, shopping, excursions and walks, etc .... In Los Angeles, there is a plethora of options for sleeping, more lavish hotels to the most trashy hostels, through the apartment hotel, there's something for everyone. One night at a hotel in Los Angeles is not given and there is unfortunately little alternative offers to find a cheap hotel, hostels are few and they are expensive compared to home, 30 and 50 dollars a night in the dorm. The Hostelling International membership card is not required, but you will pay a little more free. This card costs about $ 28 US. In Washington most tourists stay near the Smithsonian because there are many restaurants and lively nightlife. Capitol Hill is a great location to stay, with good restaurants and many bars. For something very upscale, prefer the West End business district and there are many luxurious hotels by cons there is no nightlife. Regarding accommodation Philadelphia understand a wide variety of hotels that typically range from $ 100 to $ 200 a night. The budget can head to one of the youth hostels in the city center.

What alternatives to hotels in the US?

Some unusual accommodation options are available in specific areas. For example, you might enjoy staying on a houseboat at Lake Tahoe or the Erie Canal. Or stay in a tree house in Oregon. Or even take a room in a dormitory, or downright rent a furnished house. In many rural areas, especially on the coasts and in New England, the B & B can be found. Usually in houses or buildings with at the most a dozen rooms. Allow between 50 dollars and 200 dollars per night. Regarding campsites, are found almost everywhere, big, small, very luxurious, many are located in the countryside, in US national parks, but there are also nearby campsites cities, although these latter are mainly intended for the campers.