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Accommodation and tourist seasons in Mont-Saint-Michel.

Mont Saint-Michel is the most visited tourist site Normandy and the second in France (after Paris) with more than 3 million visitors each year. The abbey is ranked on the list of historical monuments on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. Many visitors throughout the year so as such the hotel park is well developed. The hotel offers to the Mont Saint Michel ranges from small family hotels to large four-star hotels through small intramural boutique hotels. The cost of accommodation is relatively high especially in summer. For cheap accommodation head to the hotel at the entrance to the dyke of Mont Saint Michel on the road there, major hotels welcome you. They offer lower rates than intramural hotels but lack charm. If you book for the made well in advance. It's the same for Gîtes around Mount St. Michael, reservation required in the summer. The abbey of Mont Saint Michel is open from May 1 to August 30 from 9am to 19pm, from September 1 to April 30, from 9:30 am to 18pm. The abbey is closed on January 1, May 1 and December 25. When you drive up to Mount, you can choose to park in the parking lot at the foot of the village or in the parking lot before the dike. The nearest car park is Mount without more expensive and often crowded surprise. For arrivals by train (train station Caen, Rennes, Granville, etc ...), links to the Mont Saint Michel are by bus.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Mont-Saint-Michel.

The following hotels will offer a good value. First among the institutions located at the entrance to the dam include Green Hotel and the Hotel Saint Aubert. Inside the Mont St Michel, the rates increase dramatically, Hotel du Guesclin nevertheless appears reasonable prices with rooms from 70 euros. It is located between the main street and the way round the city walls, 100 meters from the front door of the Mont Saint-Michel input. The rates for hotels vary according to the tourist season: the prices given below are therefore orders only. -No dear: 20/30 euros / night -Good market: up to 60 euros / night -Price medium: 60-100 euros / night -Comfortable: 100-150 euros / night -High range of more than 140 euros / night Please note during the summer it is strongly advisable to book in advance and during the school holidays and bank holidays. Ideally, it is better to book in advance his hotel in Mont-Saint-Michel for a wider choice and increase your chances of getting the best rates. To book a hotel in Mont-Saint-Michel the easiest thing to go through internet hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. Additionally, specials are not rare, glancing regularly, it is common to come across a good deal. The hotel's description, details of benefits, conditions and customer reviews are a great help to get a better idea of ​​where there are settle down.

Zoom hotels around Mont-Saint-Michel, Cancale, Avranches ...

Mont Saint-Michel typically been a day trip, rarely more. It is however not impossible to stay a while, because the mountain has five hotels that allow them to stay longer. Inside the Mont St Michel, hotel rates increase significantly, Hotel du Guesclin nevertheless appears reasonable prices with rooms from 70 euros. Other hotels found within the walls of Mount are; La Mère Poulard, Auberge Saint Pierre, the Terrasses Poulard, Le Mouton Blanc. You can also stay in Cancale, a pretty harbor not too far from Mont. The town of Cancale and its close surroundings offer a wide choice of accommodation. You will find some cheap hotels in the periphery, middle and upper class hotels on the harbor. Campsites nearby in tents or bungalows, you will accommodate you for less. As Bel Air, Our Lady of the Orchard. For small budget, there is also a hostel in Port Picain. A Avranches are also some reasonably priced hotels offering good value for money; Ibis Avranches, the Cross Hotel Now Dumont Relais Au P'tit Quinquin, Formule 1 Avranches Saint-Quentin-sur-le-Homme. The other destinations nearby: Beauvoir 4.0 km, 5 hotels, Ardevon to 5.0 km, 1 hotel, Courtils 6.0 km, 1 hotel, Moidrey 8.0 km, 1 hotel, Saint-Georges-de-Gréhaigne to 8.0 km, 1 hotel, and more generally in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel 58 hotels can accommodate you.

What alternatives to hotels in and around Mont-Saint-Michel?

There is also the option of bed and breakfast or vacation rentals around Mont Saint Michel, they are quite common and are spread over a wide range of comfort. A number of the apartment rental is an economical solution. And why not think about home exchange, see for example a site like, an online exchange platform between houses especially for a holiday stay in short or extended. The offer of accommodation is wide and varied; villa, apartment, flat or house. Alternatively, camping, one finds several near the site, it is open from February to November; Camping Haliotis, camping with Apple, the campsite of Saint Gregory, the campsite the hulls of Gold ...

Some dream hotels in Mont-Saint-Michel.

There are only two luxury hotels around Mont-Saint-Michel Le Relais Saint Michel Mercure Mont Saint Michel, two 4-star hotels located on the Bay of Mont Saint Michel.