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Accommodation and tourist seasons in Morocco.

In Morocco, you will find all the classic range of hotel, boutique hotels at cheap prices but also very luxurious hotels. If you choose a superior hotel in Morocco, it is best to book in advance. If you choose a cheap hotel, always ask to see the room before taking your key because comfort can vary from one room to another. Overall it is better to prefer a midrange hotel or luxury rather than a cheap, they are often poorly maintained, for a few euros more you can pay for a nicer hotel. Normally the room rate is always displayed at the reception. The price fluctuates according to the season and can be negotiated in low season.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Morocco.

In Morocco d├ęgoterez without problem a boutique hotel for affordable rates remaining for a European. Hotels are classified from 1 to 5 stars, there are also hostels, riads, guest houses, bivouacs and desert lodges. The stays usually include breakfast, and many include dinner. The budget can head to one of the hostels Morocco (no age limit, no membership card. The price of a bed in a youth hostel dormitory is around Dh 50, while the price of the cheap hotels around 65 Dh usually showers and toilets are shared. An even cheaper option is to rent a mattress to sleep on the hotel's terrace (30 Dh) or to mount his tent at a campsite. These are many throughout Morocco. For mid-range hotels count 75 Dh, a double room costs about 120-150 Dh. The different taxes are generally included in the price.

Which cities book a hotel in Morocco.

If you want a beautiful riad, the destinations of Marrakech, Essaouira and Fez are recommended wherever there is a medina riads are found, these small hotels renovated from old houses. The riads are usually small (about 6 rooms or less), clean and charming, often with a beautiful garden where breakfast is served on a patio or on a terrace on the roof. The riads are usually too small to have a pool.

Focus on hotels in Tangier, Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech Tetouan.

-A Tangier, you'll find many mid hotels and upscale along Mohamed V Avenue, the avenue that runs along the sea and the beach of Tangier. If you are looking for something simpler and cheaper head to the old town, there are small hotels are not lacking in charm. -A Rabat, most of the budget hotels are located in the old medina. Here are two very good addresses, you may find it a bit expensive, between 70 and 90 euros a night, but in the cheaper, the quality does not follow: Dar Zouhour (Impasse Kaid Bargach) and Le Pietri Hotel (# 4, Rue Tobruk). -A Casablanca, you will find hotels ranging from 1 to 4 stars and luxury hotels of international channels. Overall hotel in Casablanca longer meets European quality standards and is the most expensive and stroke than in the rest of Morocco. You will also find Casa a campsite in Casablanca oasis, Avenue Jean Mermoz in the extension of the boulevard Brahim Roudani. It has the advantage of being in town, it is clean and not overcrowded. And then there is also an official youth hostel quality, located 6 Place Abmed Al Bidaoui in the Old City of Casablanca. -A Marrakech's medina is the best neighborhood where his search riad: they are numerous enough, but not always easy to find in the maze of alleys. It is best to be guided to the riad by one of the staff members. -A Tetouan, hotels cover all budgets and are known for their good service. Visitors to Tetouan can choose between different categories of hotels, guest houses, apartments, villas, cottages and other types of accommodation.

Sleep cheap in Morocco hostels, youth hostels, campsites .

Hosting Solutions to sleep for cheap in Morocco are numerous; hostels, traditional inns, campgrounds, cheap pension, hotel terrace or sleeping under the stars. Traditional inns are located in the countryside and in small rural towns, they are built with mud (kasbah), most have fireplaces and roof terraces for dining. This type of hostel is generally very comfortable and often family and clean. As for campsites, most are fairly archaic and offer very little service, we find almost all the main attractions of Morocco.

What alternative to hotels in Morocco?

When you think of Morocco we automatically think of riads, the old houses of noble landscaped hotel. These are generally found in the medinas and are quite small, they are at best equipped with ten rooms. A riad is organized around a patio, a haven of peace typically have a garden and a fountain, patio ensures availability of relatively cool at all hours of the day. Most of the windows are turned inwardly toward the central atrium, the external facade is generally very pure and devoid of opening would leave glimpse inside the Riad, the contrast between the simplicity of the facade and refinement interior is only the more striking. The architectural design of the Riad based on Islamic tradition that we do not show ostentatiously its wealth. This type of accommodation currently riding high, they are becoming more numerous in Morocco, especially in Marrakech. On the other hand, a growing number of riads are bought and rehabilitated by Westerners who make it their second home. Several categories exist riads, luxury riad in cheap riad, count 30 euros a night in a cheap riad in over 200 euros in a riad very high-end ... In some riads, you can even book a lunch or dinner without being a resident.

Council before choosing his hotel in Morocco.

Always ask to see the rooms before you make your key, because comfort can vary from one room to another. Test the shower and hot water, if any, and depending on the season, choose between the cool (room height), and the availability of water (rooms on the ground floor or first floor because the pressure can play tricks). Climbing in the categories, you get air conditioning, ventilation or at least, bigger rooms, better soundproofing. Attention categories do not have the same meaning as in Europe. The rooms are paid for the number of occupants, a single room is often the same as a double room, but with a discount. If you stay two nights in the same hotel, you are entitled to a price reduction, it is a measure of the Moroccan Tourism Office, to be displayed, such as price. You will always fill the police form, with your origin and your destination, and your passport number and your entry number in Morocco (first number on your customs clearance).