Find a hotel in Cape Verde.


Accommodation and tourist seasons in Cape Verde.

The Cape Verde is an archipelago located 500 km off the coast of Senegal. It is consitutué of 10 main islands and about 8 islets. The main islands are: Santo Antao, Sao Vicente with the cultural capital of Mindelo, Santa Luzia, Brava, Fogo (volcano), São Nicolau, Santiago, with the capital of Cape Verde, Praia. Side lodging, tourism being stammering, tourism infrastructure (hotel facilities, car rental, leisure etc.) are fairly limited. On the island of Sale nevertheless the economic development of the island has accelerated in recent years with relatively large hotel investments, you will find such good hotels in Santa Maria on the island of Sale, on the beach of 8 km. Over the years, this place has grown into a tourist destination, much appreciated by visitors from around the world. The practice of the water sports, is encouraged by the hotels that offer tourists all kinds of activities.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Cape Verde.

The Cape Verde is an affordable country, a dorm bed in a hostel does not cost more than 15 euros for one night. As a reference point, here is a price range of accommodation. : -Not expensive: around 10-20 euros / night (mainly hostels, dormitory). -Good market: 25 to 40 euros / night (double room in the hostel and little star hotel, guesthouse). -Price average: 40 to 60 euros / night (2-3 stars, more or less well located for a double room). -Comfortable: 60 to 80 euros / night for a double room (eg 4-star hotel). -Top range: from 90-100 euros / night. A price range that seems reasonable. Certainly, the benefits and the overall quality of some 2-3 star may be inadequate, it is not high class, but at this price ... the Without ruining too much, it is possible to go in the top category. To book a hotel or you go through the internet or you call or see on site, because many hotels do not have a website. The site of the Cape Verde tourist office is also proving an effective source of information, with addresses that are not found necessarily everywhere. Otherwise, there are also formulas for some tour operators offering package holidays (flight + hotel) at attractive prices and usually for the duration of a weekend.

Which cities book a hotel in Cape Verde.

The capital of Cape Verde is Praia on Santiago Island, this is also the largest city, followed by Mindelo, a port city of São Vicente, probably the liveliest city country. Do not miss either to visit Cidade Velha (Ribeira Grande), a historic town in remarkable architectural heritage. Espargos, the capital of the island of Sal, where the airport is located in Santa Maria. Santa Maria, former administrative capital and most populous city of Sal It is found in Mindelo 2 hotels in Santa Maria 2 hotels in Espingueira 1 hotel in Praia 1 hotel in Sal Rei 1 Hotel and 1 in Santa Cruz hotel.

Some dream hotels in Cape Verde.

-Hotel Don Paco Rua Cristiano De Sena Barcelos, Mindelo, air-conditioned hotel in the center of Mindelo, from 40 euros. -Hotel Gaudi Mindelo Rua Senator Vera Cruz, located in the center of Mindelo, near the beach, this hotel offers beautiful rooms with private bathrooms, a bar and a restaurant. -Praia Village Hotel Praia, Avenida de São Vicente, 4-star residence near the beach of Gamboa, from 60 euros. -Palm Beach Resort, Santa Cruz, nice hotel near the beach and the village of Pedra Badejo on the island of Santiago.

Sleep cheap in Cape Verde: hostels, youth hostels, campsites .

Sleep on the cheap does not pose a problem in Cape Verde, hosting solutions are varied: hostels, pensions, camping, it is easy to spend the night for less than 20 euros, sometimes even lowering the bill around 10 euros. Pensions and residencial are among the small hotel and guesthouse. Less posh than the guest houses, more antiquated atmosphere also cheaper: it is quite possible to share a double room for 25 euros a night.

What alternative to hotels in Cape Verde?

Besides the attractive alternatives available hotels present in different categories of accommodation. As always, the earlier you book the better is to dig up the bargain. -The apartment rentals: a solution that is not always think, but has several advantages. Rent an apartment in Cape Verde allows you to enjoy an unparalleled autonomy; the kitchen can prepare meals at will. Pricewise, quickly found there with an apartment, especially if you share with others (family, friends, etc ...).