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New York

The offer of accommodation in New York and the tourist seasons

Among the most fascinating destinations in the world, New York has enough to accommodate the countless tourists that every year. Land of the free market where supply and demand are kings, strong demand equals higher prices, which is directly reflected in the rates shown by hotels. In short, New York hotels are expensive. Dear same. On the island of Manhattan to find a double room less than 70 euros, in the most dilapidated hotel that was almost be a miracle. For a minimum of hotel comfort, we enter very soon in the range of 90-100 euros a night ... first conclusion broad level planning budget. If, however, your savings allow you to book easily anywhere in Manhattan, then the choice is wide; for the ultimate upscale, New York knows also be there, with a few addresses resounding luxury. In the heart of the most attractive metropolis of the world, a proposal for the less attractive ... However, there are still some solutions, like hostels and outlying districts that will enable tighter budgets to spend a few days in New York: needless to completely despair. It will also be able to play on the tourist seasons to enjoy the best prices: New York seems less crowded in the heart of winter, while the holiday periods, weekends or holidays are peak periods for you ... to play on the dates to land at the right time.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in New York

Accommodation is one of the main items to predict the level of your New York budget. We say, hotels are invariably expensive, even without going into upscale categories, while the most economical solutions, one night in a dormitory for example, they also have higher rates than the average. To get an idea of ​​the cost of accommodation in New York, let us make a price range: -Not expensive: 25-40 euros / night (dorm bed). -Good market: 50 to 70-80 euros / night (small single / double room, some dorms ..!). -Price medium: 90-150 euros / night (it starts to get tougher). -Comfortable: from 150 euros / night. -Top range: several hundred euros / night. At first glance, the amounts to be disbursed are scary, especially for small budgets. A second view is the same. We must therefore resign ourselves to put aside some savings. Ideally, book your room long before departure, hoping to enjoy the best prices: a mandatory step if you plan to visit New York during periods of high traffic. The New York hotels indeed work according to their filling: prices are falling for the rooms are always free, they increase when they are scarce. Therefore it is possible to come across a book sold off at the last minute, a good business opportunity without hesitation ... The most convenient to find a room still to go through the hotel booking sites on the internet: when the booking conditions allow free cancellation, please continue to check the offers, any reduction can slip suddenly ... as usual, the cheapest places are sought: please hold your dorm bed a long time in advance, because if there are no more space ... the addition will be heavy!

The alternative to hotels in New York

The hotels are expensive, many offer good benefits but have in themselves not much original, especially if you can break the bank for a room out of the ordinary in a trendy hotel / design .. . in short, the hotel offer does not suit you, it is time to look elsewhere. Other solutions exist in New York, not necessarily cheaper, but offering a slightly different setting for your stay in the Big Apple: -The rental apartments: in many large cities, apartment rentals, for a week or for shorter periods of time, prove a good move in general. In New York, this is far from always the case. The price per square meter in Manhattan reached dizzying heights: rents are felt, therefore a rental returns not necessarily cheaper than a hotel. By sharing with others, we are already doing better, but to reside in the heart of Manhattan, get ready for a very high rent. Rates are softer seeking to outlying districts of New York. Examples of Apts for rent on -The B & B: a formula that also exists in New York, a way of staying that changes compared to the impersonal side too many hotels ... the relationship with the host, the quality of the welcome, the atmosphere and the decor are all important points for the quality of a B & B, a formula that attracts more and more people. In New York, there are B & B in Manhattan, but also the side of Brooklyn or Queens. Prices vary, depending on the quality, but remain high overall.

How to sleep cheap in New York?

In fact, the issue was not so much sense, because it is impossible to sleep for cheap in New York, except of course, for those lucky enough to be greeted by New York friends, or who managed to dig up a free sofa on Couchsurfing ... for others, it will make do with what we have, that is frankly nothing cheap, but much cheaper than hotels addresses all the same : -The hostels: these private hostels are present almost everywhere in New York, and some offer advantageous situations in Manhattan. To the best of the hostels, needless to say that the seats go fast: booking in advance is required. comfort, it will be the idea of ​​sharing a dorm lot of people, as well as toilets and showers. Prices run between 30 euros for the cheapest dorms to more than 50 euros in some cases! The good average, therefore, is around 40 euros a night, not cheap, but hard to beat ... Youth -L'auberge: New York has only one young inn affiliated with Hostelling International, guaranteeing a level of quality / home / minimum cleanliness (which is not the case in all hostels. ..). Despite the number of beds, the New York hostel dormitory filled regularly. Prices are around 35-40 euros a night. To note, the dorms are mixed. The hostel is located next to the Upper West Side, near Central Park and Columbia. -The suburbs: as often, the further away from the center, most hotel prices go down. This applies in some way to New York, but an impressive scale. Manhattan made the (wide) center, while '' quarters '' as Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens and even the other side of the Hudson, Jersey City, used to be housed at least hallucinating price. For a brief stint in New York, stay as far away of the great essential is however not very practical. To consider for longer stays.

The quarters to sleep in New York

Your piggy bank is full, it's time to book a room for good ... but to stay in this vast city that is New York? Would that in Manhattan, many neighborhoods are of very different paces, the city is eclectic and the atmosphere is changed from one block to another. Unable to speak less expensive neighborhoods, as we have seen, if it is confined to a relatively central position. Small New York quarters turn to sleep: -Midtown: the heart of Manhattan, at large, with Times Square, the most famous buildings, the great avenues, etc, etc ... in short, New York as we imagine. Do not expect to stay around for an affordable price, everything is expensive. Level situation, however, hard to imagine better way to discover the attractions of New York. -SoHo - Tribeca SoHo is one of the hippest neighborhoods in New York, with its fashionable addresses, its plush cafés, restaurants vanguard, etc, etc ... the hotels in the area follow the trends of the area. Tribeca, SoHo adjacent to the south, is another trendy, chic and expensive. -Wall Street: large modern hotels in the heart of this forest of glass that is Wall Street. To stay in the middle of New York skyscrapers. -East Village of bars and jazz clubs, a vibrant nightlife this side of Manhattan, a nice place to book an apartment for example. -Upper West Side and Upper East Side to either side of Central Park, having this large green area close to where you are staying in New York is more significant. -Harlem: north of Manhattan, Harlem's reputation is changing as fast as prices rise. Good places to find. -Brooklyn: without necessarily too offset Manhattan, Brooklyn is playable even for a short stay, provided you do not stray too far from the East River ... Brooklyn together form a huge !