Find a hotel in London


The offer of accommodation in London

With a low cost flight, via a short train ride on the Eurostar, London has never been so accessible. The British capital has become a favorite target for spending a weekend: as short as is the living room, the only advice that takes to prepare for a London getaway remaining to go as soon as possible. This applies to reserve transportation mode at the most attractive price, but also, and this is what interests us here, an accommodation. In the choice, do not panic: London has a myriad of hotels of all kinds, while alternatives exist, with apartments for rent, Bed & Breakfasts, cheap hostels, etc, etc ... The real problem with London hotels, it is the price. These are staggering when one tries to sleep anywhere but in a dormitory. But ultimately, if behind, comfort and services followed the curve of prices ... unfortunately, hospitality of the English capital is far from having a reputation for excellence, and the value is sometimes questionable. New advice: do not book not anywhere without being informed in advance! London has a world tourism will, demand is strong in accommodations. If you want to visit the capital during the peak period during the holidays, some weekends, during special events, try to go about it well in advance (at the risk of repeating).

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in London

In general, it is at this stage that one is angry with London: browsing the deals for you to realize that the London hotels appear shamelessly prohibitive tariffs! Fortunately, some addresses, such hostels / hostels it possible to limit the damage. If you have the necessary budget and would make you happy, then London will seduce you with some high-flying addresses ... but these are not accessible to all! Small summary of the price range of hotels in London: -Not expensive: 25-30 euros / night (dorm bed only). -Good market: between 40 and 60 euros / night (small single / double room, some dorms ...). -Price medium: 70-100 euros / night (eg double in 2-3 stars). -Comfortable: from 120 euros / night. -Top range: from 200 euros / night, but you can climb beyond 2000 euros! Obviously, the most represented group is between 3-4 stars, with prices rarely match the actual benefits. Of course, some institutions exception to the rule, take the time to look for them. However, while few of us can aim for the top of London range, we aim to however many categories cheap / inexpensive ... places are limited, careful, do not expect to sleep at this price landing unexpectedly! To make your choice, first skim hotel booking sites on the Internet: practice a wide range of choice is offered, while the customer reviews and descriptions help you get an idea of ​​the quality of an institution . As long as the cancellation of a reservation is free, do not hesitate: book a room and continue your regular searches in case a deal is done daily. In addition to these general sites, the site of the tourist office in London ( includes many addresses and provides other specialized search sites. Alternatively, tour trips, many of which offer all-inclusive packages for a weekend in London for example: transportation (train, plane, bus, ferry ...) and hotel prices can be interesting.

Alternatives to Hotels in London

Well, the hotels are definitely overpriced for what they offer, and sleep in a dorm, this means nothing to you? No doubt it is time to turn to other options for staying in London: the alternatives are not necessarily cheaper than hotels, but at least we change habits! -The Bed & Breakfast England is it not the birthplace of the B & B? In London, many homestays offer to spend the night with breakfast included. The standard varies, some B & B appear very clearly in the high-end, with very high prices, others are more reasonable. The key here is not to save money but to enjoy a different setting, with a probably serve less impersonal than a hotel. -A halfway between the classic hotel and B & B, one sees in London fashionable boutique hotel, charming establishments that focus on plush comfort, a neat and a more personal service ... to test. -The holiday apartments: with an apartment rental, hotel services you exchange against complete autonomy. The apartment is furnished, equipped and lets you cook: go shopping instead of going out systematically at the restaurant, it is always more economical. Plus also economic, an apartment rental that we share with others, a convenient solution for families, groups of friends also. The choice is vast: there is equally little precarious studios as beautiful luxury suites, comfortable, family apartments, functional aparthotels or tourist residences ... You can also rent directly to individuals (eg ads, Airbnb .com, etc ...).

How to sleep cheap in London?

Épineuse question ... it seems that you can immediately exclude all London hotels. Now that we see clearer there, there is not 36 solutions: to sleep cheaply in London, you have to sleep in a dormitory! Hostels and London hostels offer this: -The hostels: they are seven in number to be hostels affiliated to Hostelling International (HI), a supposed combination provide a minimum of comfort, cleanliness and quality of reception in its establishments. No age limit, but a membership card may be requested. The night takes place in a dormitory, it is possible to sleep for less than 30 euros. These hostels are more or less central, but they are all stretched, always book in advance. -The hostels: besides the hostels '' official '', London has a bunch of hostels, kinds of private hostels this time. The cheapest of them are used to share a dorm (mixed or not depending on the case) from 25 euros per night (minimum large, it sometimes reaches 40 euros!). Some hostels also offer double rooms, much more expensive. The atmosphere is generally young and relaxed. No age restrictions, everyone can enjoy. -The university residences: a seasonal solution only. Several university residences in London offer student rooms, single or double, for the summer holidays (roughly mid-June to mid-September). Good for limited budgets. -The Camping: Camping in London? Why not, but this solution rather economical, requires you to stay in the distant outskirts of the city. Good for outdoor addicts who have some time ahead of them to visit London. There are 5 campsites around the capital, on the belt formed by the M25. To reach the heart of London, you take public transportation ...

The 5 most luxurious hotels in London

Even if pay dearly for his hotel, so aim for the ultimate if you are willing to spend much of your savings, leave the addresses of low value and turn to the luxury hotels of the capital city. There at least, there is little chance that you may be disappointed: selection of 5 hotels among the most exclusive of the capital: -The Ritz: close to Green Park, close to Piccadilly. The first room, smaller, start around £ 255, but to really have fun, you have to book the Prince of Wales Suites from £ 2800. -The Savoy whether the rooms, suites, bar or restaurant, The Savoy always striving for excellence. No need to dwell on the price if you book here is that you have the money! On the side of the Strand, close to the River Thames. -Claridge's: in the Mayfair, Claridge's marries beautifully with luxury boutiques nearby. Resolutely Art Deco, the hotel offers in addition to suites, bars and a restaurant on the 6th floor spa, although to recover from stress after shopping. -The Dorchester a London institution that does not hesitate to add a contemporary touch to a set of high fly. From the outside it does not look on the prestigious Park Lane, but wait till you get past the door ... -The Connaught in addition to its rooms and suites resounding luxury, this palace located in the Mayfair area stands out for its fine restaurant (2 Michelin stars) and Aman Spa, providing traditional treatments from around the world .

What neighborhood sleep in London?

London is an extremely large city. Even sticking to Zone 1 of the subway, it will be impossible to do without public transport to visit the capital, unless a tireless walker ... As often, it is by offsetting found cheaper addresses only caution: stay away from central London is synonymous with sacred time trips. On a short weekend stay kind, the loss of time caused is not perhaps gained economy. In the central parts of London, the prices are high in general, be it hotels, apartments or B & B. Then left to pay the price, as the focus area that suits you best. For convenience, the St Pancras district includes many hotels. Here arrives and departs Eurostar: you leave from Paris, 2 hours later, you are in the heart of London, you quickly check your luggage at the hotel and the weekend begin! To find an address not too expensive precisely, looking towards St Pancras Station or further north to Camden Town for example. Some hostels offer affordable prices while enjoying advantageous situations.