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Hammamet-les plages

Accommodation and tourist seasons in Hammamet.

Hammamet is the oldest seaside resort in Tunisia, it is distinguished by its many lush parks and gardens, as well as its beautiful Medina. A green city so full of character, or the size of houses should not exceed that of the cypress. But Hammamet especially attracts its world with its beautiful beaches and large modern hotels offering excellent service. There is also a plethora of bars and restaurants. Fashion is more to the resort with entertainment and nightclubs as quiet boutique hotels. So you will find mostly large hotels 3 and 4 star hotels offering all-inclusive stays. There are few smaller hotels 1 or 2 star Hammamet. The Tunisian National Tourism Office (ONTT) annually undertakes a classification in 5 categories. Those classified have prices set by the Ministry of Tourism, always displayed at the reception. Attention in the summer, the hotels and resorts located on the seafront sold out well in advance. The low tourist season is from January to February. Hotel prices then drop significantly, unlike June, July and August are the months of high tourist numbers. The price fluctuates according to the season and can be negotiated in low season. In high season never happen in Hammamet without having booked, all accommodations are likely to be complete. You can easily book your hotel via internet type on booking centers: Hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. Additionally, specials are not rare, glancing regularly, it is common to come across a good deal. If you choose a cheap hotel in Hammamet, always ask to see the rooms before you make your key, because comfort can vary from one room to another. Overall it is better to prefer a midrange hotel or luxury rather than a cheap, they are often poorly maintained, for a few euros more you can pay for a nicer hotel. Of all the Tunisian coast, the club stays and all-inclusive formulas prevail and are generally cheaper. However, book a hotel apart can allow more flexibility

Where to stay? The Hammamet neighborhoods.

Hammamet, the center of the city is the area bounded by the walls of the fortress are concentrated a large number of restaurants and hotels as well as many shops mainly for tourists. Not far from the Medina along the Avenue Habib or Bouguiba avenue we find the modern Hammamet, this one understand restaurants and luxury hotels as well as many shops. At about 10 km south of the city has emerged in recent years, the new tourist resort of Yasmine Hammamet. Hammamet-Yasmine unites 46 hotels, the vast majority are 5 and 4 stars. Yasmine also has many apartments, villas and bungalows to rent A Yasmine was pushed kitsch to reproduce a traditional Arab Medina, the Medina Mediterranea, with its ramparts, its souks, its traditional habitat, a theme park (Carthage Land) and a conference center. There are also two casinos in Yasmine seven thalassotherapy centers, golf courses, a large shopping mall, and then Marina, the heart of the new resort, which some may find to be without soul ...

Some dream hotels in Hammamet.

Top 10 most beautiful hotels in Hammamet -The Russelior Hotel & Spa, Hammamet, luxury hotel located right next to the marina, with direct access to the beach, 2 pools and a spa. -Iberostar Solaria, Hammamet, exceptional hotel offering luxury rooms and a private beach. -Alhambra Thalasso, Hammamet Yasmine, in the new seaside resort of Yasmine, a luxury hotel located right next to the beach. -Iberostar Saphir Palace, Hammamet, a palace located near the beach Yasmine Hammamet. -The Royal Hammamet, 5 star hotel with an indoor pool, a fitness center and a beauty salon. -The Sindbad, beachfront hotel, 5 stars, with a spa and 4 swimming pools. -Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Yasmine Hammamet 5 star hotel in Yasmine Hammamet, on the beach. -Laico Hammamet, luxury beachfront hotel featuring two pools, a shopping center and sports fields. -Vincci Taj Sultan, Hammamet, luxurious hotel located on the beach of Yasmine Hammamet. -The Sultan, Hammamet, 4-star hotel with 2 swimming pools, a casino and a tennis court.

Sleep cheap Hammamet hostels, youth hostels, campsites

The budget will also move towards one of the inns or small hotels of Hammamet. They are mostly found in the old medina. They usually offer double rooms and a shared kitchen. The dorms are not unmixed surprise, it will be the girls on one side and boys on the other. An even cheaper option is to rent a mattress and sleeping on a hotel terrace, or to mount his tent at a campsite. These are few throughout Tunisia and are often very basic.

What alternative to hotels in Hammamet?

-The apartment rentals: as in many tourist destinations, the apartment rental has quickly developed in Hammamet; Aparthotel, residence studio, private apartment, a rental of this type does not necessarily cost much more than a hotel, while providing full autonomy. An apartment is interesting for several days and shared with others (family, group of friends, family, etc ...). A solution should not be overlooked.

How to choose a resort hotel in Hammamet.

Your choice should first be defined according to the aspirations of the people you are going to stay. Do you travel alone, with friends, couple or family? The selection of your stay must consider the needs of people with you. Then it will define whether you prefer to be in full board or half board, knowing that most of the time apart-hotel rentals are equipped with a kitchenette. Clubs-hotels also provide paid services, such as cleaning, rental of linens and towels, baby equipment loan. These services must be booked in advance. By cons leisure activities are usually included in the price. You can leave children under the guard who monitors their will practice all kinds of activities. As for accommodation, try to find out if it is not too close to a busy highway, an airport or a nightclub. That kind of details that could completely ruin your holiday. To get a better idea, spend a little time on the internet, on central reservations and on holiday forums, plugs structures are generally well detailed, the more you will be able to consult the opinions of people who have already stayed club that might interest you.