Find cheap accommodation in New York

New York City

If the destination of your next getaway is the city of New York, it is expected that you want to buy everything and that's why you must live in cheap housing to strike a balance in the budget. We have for you a list of different types of cheap accommodation and have other benefits you discover. For example, the convenience of Hostelling International New York is that it is the center of attractions; from Broadway to Central Park and the main metro line just 28 € per night. You can also discover the true Brooklyn by booking a room in the very comfortable inn The New York Loft Hostel where night is 22 € and you will be surrounded by the monuments which make the charm of Brooklyn: the Monument of Martyrs Prison Ship, Bishop Memorial Msn Soul, and the inevitable Castle Clinton National Monument, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2011 to protect the port. If you are fond of the theater of Broadway and value your independence, there is a hostel that delights all free spirits namely the Big Apple Hostel. We offer you the opportunity to have a well equipped kitchen and offers a garden where you will have the opportunity to barbecue the night costs € 26 per person and the inn is a twenty minute walk from the Empire State Building. For those who have always wanted to know the hot atmosphere of the historic community of Harlem, the Harlem YMCA is establishing what you need at the value. Guests enjoy an indoor pool and access to famous attractions that surround the inn. Prices are attractive, ie € 22 for a double room. For those of you who have decided to offer a week to discover the nooks of the city of New York, we encourage you to choose the Jazz On Amsterdam Avenue that do not agree to stay less than 6 nights. This is an excellent formula because it not only lies on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, one of the most famous parts of the city but it also holds a strategic position at the heart of much of sites you dreamed of visiting it concerns the natural history Museum or the most famous bars and pubs, and best of all, the night is € 23 with impeccable service.