All about Olympique Lyon

Le Vieux Lyon

This club led by Bruno Genesio since 2015 is part of one of the biggest French clubs. OL played indoors at the Stade des Lumières of talk and internationally by participating regularly in the Champions League, one of the most prestigious competitions in Europe. But the Lyon club is not just to its interests or its victories, it evolves, changes over the years and we follow with fascination or curiosity but one can not ignore it.

Awards and history of the club

Since 1973, over several consecutive years, the Lyon club has won eight trophies Champions. Since 2003, they count 7 trophies in Ligue 1 since 1963 and the team won 5 cups of France, plus 3 wins in league 2 and a section of the League. Among all those wins, the climax of the club lies mainly in the 2000s with seven league titles in France, which is a French record. Note that the Olypique Lyon has played more than 212 European matches this also represents a record for the French clubs. The team has changed a lot since the founding of the club in 1950 but noted that some players make up a team refreshed and modern, despite one or more shutdown due to injury for some of them, it holds some great names Olympique Lyon as Fekir, Malbuena Gonalons or in midfield, or the Beauvue and Labidi attackers. The club has indeed experienced some difficulties with many injuries but decided to put the package for a comeback in 2016 in great shape.

All news

Olympique Lyonnais in 2015 experienced a year-end rather grueling and disappointing. Under the aegis of Bruno Genesio the club yet pulled together and revamped in order to prepare serenely to the event early 2016, a Round of 32 of the Coupe de France. Among the latest results of year-end 2015, the Lyon club has a loss against Ajaccio in the 19th day of Ligue 1, a 2-1 win against FC Tours 8th in the League Cup final and a defeat against Paris in 18th day of league 1. the classification, Lyon occupies the 9th place after Lorient to Marseille. Of the first 19 matches played in the league, they have equal goals scored and conceded a total of 23.