Everything to prepare your trip Labrador


The documents required for travel to Labrador are a valid passport and documents attesting to the possibility of living during the stay, including payment cards.

Health and safety

It is important to take out health insurance for reimbursement of the medical expenses. In case of trouble, the emergency number to call is 911.

As for safety, there are no major risks because it is assured.


The voltage is 110 volts at a frequency of 60 cycles. Bring an adapter transformer is strongly recommended.

Currency and Budget

The national currency is the Canadian dollar. To pay for purchases, international payment cards are generally accepted throughout the territory. Otherwise, foreign exchange can be done at airports or at exchange offices.


For more information, visit the Board's website tourism www.newfoundlandlabrador.com or that of the Embassy of France < a href = "http://www.ambafrance-ca.org/" title = "www.ambafrance-ca.org/" target = "_ blank"> www.ambafrance-ca.org/ .