Everything to prepare your travels Delphi

administrative Express

To stay in Delphi, citizens of EU countries must carry an identity card or passport valid, if their stay exceeds do not 3 months.

health and safety

health problems are not to fear. It is recommended to be vaccinated against typhoid fever, hepatitis A and encephalopathy.

Currency and Budget

The currency in circulation is the euro and the as the budget is, it depends on the duration and period of stay, but you should always provide for a slightly higher price compared to those in France. For example, for accommodation, it is advisable to provide between 30 to 100 € per day for a double room.

Good to know for a successful stay

To get to Delphi from Athens, it is possible to travel by rental car. One can also take the bus to the bus station B


More detailed information is available on the website of the Office of Tourism www.voyagegrece.org/delphes.htm and that of the Embassy of France href="http://www.ambafrance-gr.org/" title="http://www.ambafrance-gr.org/" http: //www.ambafrance -gr.org/ .