Everything to prepare your trips Byblos


administrative Express

For a stay in Byblos, a city of Lebanon, it is necessary to have a passport valid for six months after the return date and a visa. Note that people with a passport showing a passage in Israel there will be forbidden entry. The visa is to apply to the Embassy of Lebanon.

Health and safety

There are no required vaccinations, but those that are universal are recommended. Concerning food, it is safer to drink bottled water or boiled. Otherwise, it is best to take out health insurance to receive care.

The security leaves something to be desired there so one must be careful in not carrying valuables when his movements, for example. These are "traditional" care, but essential.

Currency and Budget

The currency in circulation is the Lebanese pound (LBP) where 1 € is nearly 2200 LBP. For exchange rates, it is recommended to do with the exchange offices which generally accept all currencies.

Good to know for a successful stay

The official language is Arabic, but french is also spoken.


For more information, visit the website of the Embassy of France: http://www.ambafrance-lb.org/ or that of the Tourist Office: www.destinationliban.com/