Everything to prepare your trip Abu Simbel

Cap de Ras Muhammad

To make a most enjoyable trip to Abu Simbel, nothing like that to prepare it.


Having a visa is no longer mandatory to stay in Abu Simbel, yet the people who have a can bring to facilitate customs formalities. Besides this, you have to bring a national readable identity card or passport valid.

Health and safety

No vaccine is mandatory at the scene, but it is best to do a recall of the DTP vaccine, like any other trip. It is strongly advised to make vaccines against typhoid fever and hepatitis A. Also in terms of health, safe drinking tap water is not very safe at Abu Simbel which is why we must avoid drink or eat products that have been cleaned with the water.

currency and budget

the currency used at Abu Simbel is the Egyptian Pound. Here it is advisable to provide some notes or euro coins for better monetary exchange. This will not be obliged to use traveler's checks.

Good to know for a successful stay

Culinary, visitors on a budget can find small cafes along the main street of Abu Simbel. Regarding electricity, the current is 220 and sockets comply with European standards.

For more information, please visit the web pages of the Tourist Office of Egypt http://fr.egypt.travel/ or Embassy of France: http: / /www.ambafrance-eg.org