Tour Know About Football Club Nantes


You have agile feet football and you love being part of a famous club? FC Nantes is perhaps the future club in which you evolve. But first, note the path of this football team multifaceted. These lines will help you better understand the Nantes football team.

Creating FC Nantes

Created for a historic moment that is the 2 th World War II, FC Nantes was established in 1943. Born from a partnership between several clubs in the city, the Football Club Nantes has quickly evolved into a professional team in 1945. But it was especially after several years of hard work the club came in the first division with a succession of victories in 1965.

FC Nantes Awards

The arrival of José Arribas as coach of FCN was a real blessing for the club. This enabled him to show on 1 st division, with a championship of France in 1973 to winning four years later, that is to say, 77 a fourth title. And success has not stopped since FC Nantes was awarded a fifth and sixth title in 1980 and 1983. And in 1999, 2000 and 2001 three more league titles in France and some matches Champions league. Despite retrograde League 2, the Nantes club has retained its style of play and some players from the club like Didier Deschamps and Marcel Desailly had the chance to participate as the World Cup

The stadium FC Nantes Stade Marcel Lupine and the Beaujoire Stadium

Formerly called Malakoff stadium, the Stade Marcel Lupine was a rugby stadium before being used by FC Nantes after his ascension to the Ligue 1. But the Canaries have had to find another field and chose the stage Beaujoire. Built in the mid 80s, the Beaujoire stadium became the official training ground of FC Nantes. Moreover, it is in this stage that takes place the first official match of the club against Toulon, which resulted in a victory (3 1). The stadium La Beaujoire Louis Fonteneau can accommodate up to 37,473 people seated.

The symbols FC Nantes

Nantes nicknamed The Yellow Canaries House or kept the same color since its creation in 1943. The yellow and green are thus being the dominant colors of the club. However, players are dressed in a navy blue jersey when the team plays outside.