Top libertines and swingers clubs in Lyon


libertines like Lyon, which embraces both the Saône and Rhône. We selected seven friendly and enchanting places to have a good time between consenting adults. Hugs and excitement guaranteed.

1 / Velvet Club

Near Lyon, Brignais, the appointment of SM. Dominated love the house remains a beautiful address of licentiousness in Lyon. Ers and amateurs are welcome at 9 impasse du Château Rouge.

2 / Sun Libertin

This is the temple of debauchery Lyons located at 3, rue Sainte Marie des Terreaux, in the first district. We love the red benches, his libertine sauna, the largest in Europe, and comfortable sleep with Shiva and Vishnu. The idyllic house is well kept with its naughty nocturnal rites. Youth and refinement in Sun City program.

3 / The Diamond

5 th district of Lyon, Diamond, 24, rue des stiffs, is known for his glory holes and history of the oldest club libertine Lyon. Gang bang on request. Warm and friendly.

4 / Move

32, quai Arloing, The Move is renowned for its cages and for cleanliness. Here, the pots-cocks reserve you good surprises. Relaxed atmosphere for a club that closes late in the 9 th district.

5 / History of Water

It all starts at 1 Rosemary street in the first district. The theme party is successful for meetings with two or more. Here, it is you who count! Jacuzzi, sauna, handcuffs room: you choose the fun as you like it .

6 / Bubbles roses

Go to Simandres at 2440 Route Marennes. The pool is the center of attention. Go naturist for summer. The clientele is a little libertine and easy. hug corners side is clean and makes you want. A stylish top for men and women in need of hugs and high heels.

7 / The Mistik

This is the address in Caluire, the Clemenceau dock at number 45. The caresses for Madame at the helm, we love it! The shirts come under the greedy and lustful looks. Nurses want to try the table gynecologist! Beginners and Beginners accepted.