Top 20 culinary specialties of Brittany


In Britain, there are not that Kouign amann that tourists love. There are many other dishes and small specialties that make the pleasure of visiting the UK. Here are some essential dishes to Brittany and what a good watering Breton meals.

block Henaff

Yes, the paté is indeed a real Breton specialty, especially the Hénaff block. The company, Breton, is a real institution in the region and it has long surpassed the simple borders of Britain.

The Breton sardines

Of course, the sardine is not growing well wide of Brittany. But canning Britain have made it their specialty and with a bit of bread, it is a real treat.


The pancake-sausage is evidence that Brittany is not always in subtlety for its iconic dishes. But good grilled sausage rolled in a pancake traditional lace is falling and it is eaten without hunger or end.

St Jacques St Brieuc

Britain also knows how in refinement with the St Jacques. Delicious and easy to prepare in many recipes, that of St Brieuc is really the benchmark for Britain and for all gourmets.

roll Sevigne

The roulade is a specialty of the town of Vitre. This is a boneless fowl and filled with a mixture of apples, nuts and mushrooms in Paris. Ideal to be enjoyed in the restaurant, it's delicious, it requires expertise when we want to make the recipe at home.

andouille Guemenee

andouille in all its refinement. It is of different layers of hoses placed into each other which gives it its concentric appearance. Aesthetics and deliciously prepared. It is the direct competitor of the Vire andouille in the neighboring region.

The Kig-Ha Farz

Cabbage, carrots, meat, it looks like the pot-au-feu but better. However this is added a buckwheat pancake that gives its unique side-Kig Ha Farz.

Coconut Paimpol

The beans grown on Paimpol and surrounding towns, called coconut Paimpol stand with AOC. This name reflects the taste and very particular form of these recognizable cocos with veined white pods that perfectly accompany cod for example.

The pancake

Oh, how about the UK not to mention the crepe. traditional dessert par excellence, the pancake is available in many more original versions of the butter-sugar. Salty or sweet, the pancake is always there.

Ker there pom

This is a dessert known outside of Britain and yet so good. Half an apple wrapped in a pastry almond butter. sometimes added chocolate and it is a real happiness.

The salted caramel

It is true that butter, salted butter is typically Breton, returns in most Breton recipes. It is understandable in this area and that's good because it gives a unique taste caramel. To eat as is or to decorate a dessert.

The Far Breton

The Far Breton, it is a blank with prunes. Although prune just Agen, mixed with a good custard consisting it is a particularly good Breton specialty that is in all good pastries in the region.

Kouign amann

kouign amman, the Breton dessert par excellence. This is a dessert made dune dough decorated with sweet butter and folded several times on itself. This gives a dessert based in and rather caramelized on top. Rare are the good Kouign-Amann, especially as we savor over those who are successful.

The four-quarter

The pound cake is a cake that everyone knows. What is less known is that this cake comes from Britain. It consists of four equal portions of flour, sugar, butter and eggs. A real simple but still managed pleasure.

Pont-Aven The cakes

Pont-Aven is a small town beloved painters. What they do not say is that they are there as much for the pleasure of nature as the famous cakes produced in the city. Dessert with coffee or ice cream, they put up with all the more that we find many variations today.

Plougastel and strawberries

It would not have believed but the best strawberries come from France Plougastel, no doubt about it once you have tasted one of them. Juicy and tasty, they are a true reference in this small town of around Brest. A traditional festival in June honors this famous strawberry.

Shuffleboard Breton

Beyond the thin slab Bridge Advent ago Breton puck. He, he made 15 mm thick and taste of butter gives it all its flavor.


Artisanal or industrial, sweet or not, cider comes in multiple versions. Whatever the chosen bottle, it still has a nice drink apple flavor and gently gas. Drink it in any way.


lambig is a beverage derived from cider that is the identity of Brittany since it is a cider brandy life. This is quite similar drink Calvados.


Chouchen is a typical beverage Brittany that can approach the mead. This is a beverage made by fermenting honey in apple juice. This is a flavored drink pronounced that all Britons love to party.