Top 10 unusual museums in Paris


A selection of ten unusual museums that change the Louvre and Beaubourg.

  1. Erotic Museum
  2. Doll Museum
  3. Magic Museum
  4. Arts Museum fairground
  5. The address, museum of post
  6. Musée des Arts et Métiers
  7. smoking Museum
  8. Museum of Montmartre
  9. counterfeit Museum
  10. Museum budding

    eroticism Museum:

    Located in the red light district of Pigalle, this museum displays on five floors over 2,000 art objects dedicated to eroticism through the ages, and an exhibition of richly documented history of brothels in France since the early 20th siècle.72 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris (M & deg; White)

    • Open daily from 10 am to 2
    • Price: 10 € (reduction Internet: 8 € individual ticket or € 14 double ticket)

      Doll Museum:

      Located in a dead end of Beaubourg, this museum traces the history of dolls from 1800 to 1959. The permanent collection details the morphological changes, the aesthetic trends and technological revolutions that led to the doll ' today. The museum also offers many temporary exhibitions.

      • Impasse Berthaud, 75003 PARIS (M & deg; Rambuteau)
      • Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 18pm closure for the work of 6 to 31 January 2013
      • Price: from € 4 to € 6 reduced price - € 8 for full price

        Magic Museum:

        At the heart of historical Paris, the Museum of Magic features a unique collection dedicated to the art of illusion. Eighteenth century to the present day, the wonderful world of magicians is revealed to the public by magic items, posters, prints ... The tour can be coupled to a trip to the Museum of Automata which reveals the workings of a hundred mechanical toys.

        • 11, rue Saint-Paul, 75004 PARIS (M & deg; Sully-Morland)
        • Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 till 19:00 Opening daily during school holidays Zone C
        • Prices: € 7 (TR) - 9 € (TP)
        • Combined visit with the Museum of Automata: 9 € (TR) - 12 € (TP)

          Museum of Fairground Arts:

          Located in the Bercy Park, halfway between exposure and the performing arts, the Museum of Fairground Arts brings together over 50,000 curios related to the world of entertainment, theater and music- lobby.

          • 53 Avenue des Terroirs de France, 75012 Paris (M & deg; Cour Saint-Émilion)
          • Open all week Reservations only (01 43 40 16 15)
          • Rates: 5 € (TR) - 14 € (TP)

            The address - Postal Museum:

            postal heritage of centuries are presented in fifteen rooms of the Postal Museum: the history of stamp Aeropostale, visitors can retrace the great moments of the distribution of mail. The museum also offers temporary exhibitions and many cultural and educational activities.

            • 34 boulevard Vaugirard 75015 Paris
            • Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 18h - 20h Nocturne until the first Thursday of every month
            • Rates: 3,50 € (TR) - 5 € (TP) - Free for 26 years
            • Temporary exhibitions: 5 € (TR) / € 6.50 (TP)

              Museum of Arts and Crafts:

              The unusual begins the subway: the platforms of the station Arts and Crafts have a family resemblance to the interior of the Nautilus. In the museum itself, we discover incredible technical inventions around the transport, communication, energy ... But also a theater of automata and a model of the Statue of Liberty.

              • 60 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris (M & deg; Arts and Crafts)
              • Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 18pm - Thursday evenings until 21:30
              • Rates: 4,50 € (TR) - 6.50 € (TP) - Free for 26 years

                Museum of smoking:

                Founded in 2001, this young museum contains a permanent collection of objects, plants and works in connection with this universal practice: smoking. Temporary exhibitions present smokers cartoons of the seventeenth century to the present, or portraits of smoking women, geisha George Sand.

                • 7 rue Pache, 75011 Paris (M & deg; Voltaire)
                • Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12h30 to 19h - Closed from 1 to 8 January 2013 inclusive
                • Prices: € 3 (TR) - 5 euros (TP)

                  Musée de Montmartre:

                  In the house of Bel-Air at the top of Montmartre, this museum traces the artistic and festive Butte with paintings, posters, lithography or furniture belonging to artists who lived there. Currently, it houses the temporary exhibition The Black Cat, a reenactment of the legendary Montmartre cabaret.

                  • 12/14 rue Cortot, 75018 Paris (M & deg; Lamarck Caulaincourt or Antwerp)
                  • Open daily from 10am to 18pm exhibition The Chat Black until January 13, 2013 Night on the first Thursday of the month
                  • Rates: from € 4 to € 6 reduced price - € 8 full price - free for 10 years

                    Museum of Counterfeit:

                    Founded in 1951 with a view to combating counterfeiting, this museum displays more than 350 authentic objects and their fake counterparts in various sectors: luxury, consumer goods, textile ... The visit comes as a set of differences where he must himself recognize the real product wrong. The answers are sometimes surprising ...

                    • 16, rue de la Faisanderie, 75016 Paris (M & deg; Porte Dauphine Avenue Foch or RER)
                    • Open Tuesday to Sunday from 14 to 17.30
                    • Price: € 4

                      Musée en Herbe:

                      This museum designed for z'enfants wants to educate young to art and culture. It offers game course on artistic themes as well as fun and educational exhibits to discover the greatest painters: Funny portraits of Arcimboldo or what this artist Matisse .

                      • 21 rue Herold, 75001 PARIS (M & deg; Path)
                      • Open Monday to Sunday from 10h to 19h - 21h Thursday evenings until .
                      • Price: € 6