Top 10 world cuisines in Paris


The French capital offers a plethora of restaurants offering all cards more attractive as each other!

While we are tourists, inveterate adventurers or Parisians through the city watch in hand, sometimes it is good to relax and visit an unusual restaurant.

Sample the food from elsewhere, time for lunch or a romantic dinner, friendly or family, it is also an invitation to travel ..

Here are the top 10 most "roots" restaurant in the capital, and of course good appetite!

1 Bibimbap

When you push the door of this restaurant, you will leave delighted by not only his hushed and arcades invite framework to escape, but his diet menus are just as tasty .

This Korean restaurant offers indeed a wide range of Korean specialties and favors the kitchen "well being".

Culinary specialties:

-Dishes: Bibimbap (rice pot with vegetables rainbow sky) Ssambap (accompanied by green leaves to coat the rice or meat), saewoo tuigim (shrimp fritters, sweet sauce), gunmandu (roasted dumplings).

-Desserts: saewoo naengchae (fresh pear shrimp and crunchy vegetables, sweet mustard sauce) .

  • Information:
    32, boulevard de l'Hôpital, 75005 Paris
    Price between 11 and 34 euros

    2 The Carob .

    Want to East, tagines and spices? This Moroccan restaurant, sun-drenched part will praise your taste buds and promises high romantic colors! And if you wish, you can even extend this moment of delight, savoring their delicious oriental pastries.

    Culinary specialties:

    -Dishes: Tagine lamb with prunes; Méchoui of bream in the oven; Couscous lamb shoulder barbecue dish; Tagine chicken farmer candied lemon.

    -Desserts: Desert Rose; salad orange cinnamon; pastilla; North African pastries.

    • Information:
      82, boulevard Lefebvre, 75015 Paris
      Price between 18 and 50 euros

      3 Black Beans .

      This restaurant is an obligatory stop for those who are nostalgic of Mexico or who wish to discover another piece of international cuisine!

      Culinary specialties:

      -Tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas. As for drinks: cocktails, Latin American beers and French wines .

      -Desserts house sauce eggplant pancakes with orange .

      • Information:
        35, rue de Trévise, 75009 Paris
        Price between 7 and 20 euros
        Reservations. 06 40 January 28, 84

        4 The Jaipur Café

        Want a stopover in India? This culinary restaurant is for you!

        Colorful decor, tasty and spicy dishes await you. The ambient music takes you into the culinary intricacies of this India with thousand spices.

        Culinary specialties:

        Nan cheese, butter chicken, carrot cake.

        Bonus: offers a Vegetarian Menu .

        • Information:
          17, rue des Messageries, 75010 Paris
          Price between 9 and 35 euros

          5 Porta da Selva

          Porta da Selva, means "the jungle door" in Portuguese. For those looking for a folk atmosphere, this restaurant is for you! Guests can enjoy Brazilian cuisine in a casual atmosphere. Embark on a culinary journey in the heart of Brazil!

          Culinary specialties:

          -Beignets cod, shrimp assortment moquecas, picanha.

          -Desserts: mousse with passion fruit; Pudim; Manjar.

          • Information:
            4 Rue Chaligny, 75012 Paris
            Price from 12 to 30 euros
            Booking:. 06- 66-66-93-85.

            6 The Nioumre .

            Senegalese restaurant, nestled in the Chateau Rouge neighborhood reminds us to be wary of appearances sometimes ... If for some this area "do not look", you would be wrong to miss this small restaurant with a friendly and warm atmosphere.

            The dishes are generous, delicious and the service is fussing. Time for a meal, you will stop in the "land of Teranga"

            Culinary Special:

            -Dishes: Thieb Bou Dieun (rice with fish), Yassa (chicken rice), Mafe, Soup kandie ...

            -Desserts: hibiscus, Thiakri, Ginger, Green Tea .

            • Information:
              7, rue des Poissonniers, 75018 Paris
              Price: about 10 euros for a meal
              reservation: 01-42-51-24-94 .

              7 Around the Yangtse

              In the upscale neighborhood of the Opera, is a restaurant that opens the doors of Asia. This kitchen Huaiyang, pays tribute to the region of the same name, around the Yangtze River.

              His enchanting, its dishes carefully executed are eaten slowly and subtlety.

              Culinary specialties:

              -Bouchées steamed, minced beef with tea tree mushrooms, rice gratin and duck breast.

              -Desserts: homemade desserts (rice cake) or dessert of the day .

              • Information:
                12, rue du Helder, 75009 Paris
                Price between 10 and 28 euros

                8 The Creole .

                The terrace in colonial stance and tropical greenhouses will not leave you indifferent. Moreover, its Reunion and Caribbean dishes also delight your taste buds!

                Culinary specialties:

                -Colombo chicken, fish blaff, goat masala, rougail sausages.

                -Side drink: white rum (Martinique, Guadeloupe), wine, soft drinks

                -Desserts: Exotic fruit salad, banana flambé with rum, coconut flan with caramelized ...

                • Information:
                  122, boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris
                  Price between 12 and 40 euros

                  9 Saidoune <. / h2>

                  This Lebanese restaurant offers tasty dishes and desserts are to die.
                  Do not delay, and try in this restaurant with refined really worth a look!

                  Culinary specialties:

                  -Out of cold and hot works; donuts; grills; salads and Tartar; Fish

                  -Side drinks: wines (Lebanese, French), Lebanese beers and refreshments

                  -Desserts: Maamoul (molded cupcake with walnuts and pistachios), mouhallabié (Lebanese flan flavored milk with orange flower), dessert of the day .

                  • Information:
                    35, rue Legendre, 75017 Paris
                    Rates:. from 13 euros

                    10 The counters of Carthage.

                    They Shoot this world tour, with restaurant at the tip of the "World Food"
                    Program:. A cocktail of international culinary flavors !

                    Culinary specialties:

                    -Briques to organic eggs; soup of the day; chopped tomato, cucumber and lemon confit; vegetable terrine.

                    -Desserts: cheesecake with berries, crumbles .