Top 10 small brands that rise


The latest fashion trends in Paris: a record made by Cityzeum

* Margaux Lonnberg

Margaux Lonnberg is one of the darlings of the youth magazine blog OFFICIAL which lists the new fashion talents. Model and stylist, photographer and video artist, she is best known for his blog The Killing MoonBlogeuse for two years. This young designer has created his own brand, available on its e-shop: . It proposes a series of T-shirts, all very large and comfortable, to be worn as she puts it!

* Simon Jacquemus

Young designer of 22 years, Simon Jacquemus is quoted in major fashion magazines ( Vogue, L'Officiel, Jalouse, etc ...), but also abroad like in Tokyo or New York. With its small ideas as he says himself, this self-taught has decided to launch its brand. Today he is the head of two collections, Girls in white and Winter Cold . His style ? From the sleek mode. He loves further cuts, the uniforms, the idea of ​​repetition and neutrality. Find collections and online shop at:.

* BWGH (Brooklyn we go hard)

Here is a young brand made famous in the small world of hipsters for their sweet shirt Brooklyn French speaking .

A team of hipsters, artists and labels. behind BWGH , two Parisian friends passionate Moreover, they explore urban culture of the world with the goal of creating a multidisciplinary structure. Also, it is this idea of ​​creating every moment that wishes embody BWGH .

Since 2010, the label aims to highlight the work of those involved in the culture of our time through several actions: creation of a collective of young photographers, organizing cultural events and development of a biannual magazine. Each collection is thought as cultural references marked and inspiring, in the contours where the details and are made to be worn by an open and passionate generation. .

* Gat Rimon

holidays Israel , three friends decided to create their own fashion brand. They began by giving new life to vintage clothes, turning the Levi's 501 skirts and refreshing evening dresses. Both romantic and feminine, their easy living collections dress women of all styles. Silk or lace, wool or cotton voile, materials and cuts clothes Gat Rimon will receive the maximum fashionistas. .

* Clemence Cabanes

Young designer fashion accessories, Clemence Cabanes creates unique models it shapes itself to hand in his Paris studio where she has lived for 10 years ( ). Imbued by the bubbling of the capital, and his love for the Art Deco movement and the art of traditional and folk costume, it offers delicate pieces, modern and timeless always with a touch of fantasy. Designed in noble materials, models are thought of as adornments elements for making stylish and original a simple outfit with a wink ...

* Barnabé Hardy

Specialist menswear, Barnabé Hardy has been a long-time collaborator Nicolas Ghesquière , first at CALLAGHAN in Italy (1999-2001) and then at Balenciaga , where he created and designed the online man for eight years (1999-2007). He is credited as the creation of hoodies TWINKS BY BARNABE in 2001, a collection of embroidered sweatshirts hand large sequins & ldquo; disco & rdquo ;, which was established with the support of Maria Luisa .

Today creator, professor at the School of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture consultant and freelance for various houses, Barnabé Hardy is developing its own season to the line, declining models become classics ( ).

* Heimstone

In 2007, Alix Petit launches its first winter collection. Building on the success, the first store Heimstone opens in Paris. Today Heimstone offers dresses, leather jackets, accessories and leather goods. From the design, Alix Petit focuses on materials (silk, leather, lace and raffia) and especially printed, real highlight of each collection.

In 2012, Heimstone ( ) celebrates his 5 candles. A small anniversary for a brand that already has everything a great & hellip;

* Camille de Dampierre

A slight English accent, blond hair like wheat and a look that betrays his youth: Camille de Dampierre , 23, is one of those Parisian designers young newly qualified or almost. After The Istituto Marangoni , Studio Berçot , even here on the school benches, two days a week at the Chambre Syndicale in Paris . The rest of the time she draws, travel, creates clothes to suit his desires.

Combining art, femininity and simplicity, the brand is distinguished by the maturity of its products that open the doors of prestigious multi-brand worldwide ( ).

* Roseanna

Roseanna is the association of two nicknames creative. It reflects a comparison of their personality as well as the friendship between them. Roseana offers a competent cloakroom, in a neglected-refined style. Their collections are synonymous with homecoming, authenticity and expertise French ...

The mesh is enveloping mohair, very visual jacquard. The leather is embossed traditional way, or patinated copper in a disco colors, honey or cloudy as velvet are naturally worn by time ( ).

* Yoma

IOMA is a new concept of care tailored unique. Each product is suitable for different skin types

Jean-Michel Karam , the founder of the brand, wants to " make women more serene vis-à-vis the passing of time ." Eventually, his ambition is to IOMA the new French brand of reference on the market. The treatments are based on three essential biases: personalization, the evidence and the unique experience .

Villa IOMA brings together in one place all the biases of the brand. A warm welcome, a serene atmosphere and personalized service. We get pampered, forget a little galleys daily and skin it with our spring 15 (www.ioma-paris .com ).