Top 10 French cities names with sexual overtones

There are Paris, Lyon, Marseille ... but also Hair, Body-Nuds or Saint-Arnac. The France has its share of cities with crazy names, burlesque or downright grotesque. Some regions have even made a specialty of names to sexual innuendo. Tour de France common names of a sexual nature in support of billboards!

Montcuq (Lot)

Since Daniel Prévost immortalized in a sketch from the 1970s, Montcuq has become the most famous town of Midi-Pyrénées

Pornic (Loire-Atlantique)

At first glance, the name of Pornic not ready to laugh. But when we learn that its inhabitants have renamed Pig-fucking ...

Anus (Yonne)

This is not really a town but a locality of the town of Fouronnes. And oddly, road signs are often stolen or vandalized ...

Sainte-Verge (Deux-Sèvres)

The name of the town is not from a misspelling but a local legend about a young shepherdess called Verge, who lived in the fourth century in a field nearby.

Two-yards (Cantal)

Auvergne are lads: they are not content with one holy-rod, they need two !

Froidcul (Moselle)

The people of Froidcul are warm-blooded and fearless!

Condom (Gers)

it did not invent, the town of Condom is situated on the river Baise!

Saint-Amand sur Fion (Marne)

Bringing a lover and an anus in the same name, no romance!

The Cudgel (Deux-Sèvres)

Another name class and refined for this town of Deux-Sèvres

Gland (Yonne)

Deux-Sèvres, Yonne decidedly full of Commons for at least saucy!