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Top Ten Swiss expressions rather special ...

We often hear from here and there some people that imitate the famous Swiss accent with a certain touch of humor. But there are also real differences languages. This may be well and truly French, yet we see that every country, every culture has its own expressions and reflect a certain mentality. Laughable but sometimes also important to rub our Romands friends, it is interesting to make a quick overview of these terms.

He runs me on the fringe

This expression to somewhat laughable appearances is very vivid and expresses discontent. This expresses the hype. That person gets on my system, if one is looking for a similar term.

Septuagint and Ninety

You may have already tried to count face a Switzerland. This may seem strange but in fact they simply follow the logical continuation of the previous decades.

The name of a wooden pipe

This is one of the curses of Swiss favorites. It may be a little outdated but still sometimes heard among some teachers or people of a certain age.


We often want to finish their sentences seem incomplete when the Swiss fond add the phrase "or" at the end of the sentence. This is especially imperative or interrogative sentences. "You come, or else!"


It is useful and interesting to know that the Swiss do not pass the tray but the "Maturity". This is a series of end of High School exams corresponding to the degree of the tray and allows enrollment in most Swiss and French universities.

The Kingdom

This is the diminutive University corresponding to the "college" French. We frequently hear the young students say "I go to the Kingdom."


This expression looks a bit dated yet is frequently used in French-speaking Switzerland to describe dinner.

swimming trunks

We can guess, this is the swimsuit and yet the expression can smile when some French are not used.

play it?

This is an expression a little tote favorite Swiss which means several things at once and said in several circumstances. This may mean: are you? It's good for you ? It's OK ? or it does not bother you?


This is the French-speaking Swiss official word for the lack of order. This can both describe the disorder as in the phrase "going to put your cheni" or a fact, "your room is still cheni". In some regions of Switzerland it also expresses the dust. Etymologically, it can also write kennel. This word means the dog housing but also the disorder.