Top 10 Quebec expressions

Vacances au Québec

Québec and Canada are known to have very specific phrases and that we French do not know necessarily. Fun or completely offset expressions that one invites you to check in the Top 10 Quebec women expressions, so come straight from Quebec.

birth we baptize

This very funny phrase actually means "without waiting Say what you have to say." Like when a child is born should not wait to be baptized, according to old beliefs.

It cost me a buttered!

This charming expression Quebec means that the person using it had to pay a very large sum to buy something. Buttered indeed means something very expensive.

Eat her boots laces

This very fun Quebecoise phrase actually means stress in a situation or something. Being unable to manage or take things in hand and biting blood.

Gazer his chariot

This expression is quite easy to understand if one assumes that the word char means car. So gassed it means refuel gasoline for his car. This is a very old Quebec expression.

blackmail Apple

Do not leave this term without knowing what it means, because in fact, to blackmail the apple simply means seduce someone.

It wets to drink standing

Another expression that can make smile French, "he wets to drink up" which means it's pouring and it is better not to go out in this weather. It is also a very old term.

Do not have a penny

When Quebecers gets you this expression is that it means that it is completely broke and he has not a penny. Penny indeed means money or parts of Quebec.

Feed your pig well, it will piss on your stoop

generally used the term for a person who is very grateful little one that made him a favor and who was there for her. As we have with us the phrase "Do good to Bertrand, it makes you caguant in."

Spend a night on the clothesline

This expression means that we had a very bad night, restless and that is lack of sleep. Or that insomnia was to go and we feel tired.

Do not fool around with the puck

Do not fool around with the puck is an expression which means that a situation application to act quickly. That we should not think about and that we should take a decision immediately to avoid conflicts or problems.