Top 10 places to play tennis in Paris


You are amateur or professional tennis and looking for a short to drive you. Yes, we all know this magnificent terrain of Rolland Garros. unless a professional, you can not access them. Paris is full of places where you can practice your swing freely. Here is a small list of places to play tennis in the capital.

PTDI or Double Tennis Game Paris

This tennis club located on Paris 3 th is a little unusual. Indeed, this is the place to meet gay fans of the racket in the capital. The clay of the establishment, despite the trends, is accessible to all. You can hit as many balls as you want on a short well maintained.

Tennis Club Paris Center

Apart from tennis lessons given by professionals for children, the Paris Club Tennis Center also offers tennis players short following standards. If tap bullets interests your child, you can register for the test to see if they can participate or not in the initiation.

Tennis News Luxembourg garden

If you live around Luxembourg and that you love tennis, these beautiful tennis courts are for you. Located in the heart of a park, you will practice surrounded by greenery, and walkers. Nothing better to learn the special moves in tennis while enjoying the landscape.

Tennis Cavalry

It is in the 7 th in this local-shaped half roll, perched on top of a beautiful building, you will find a tennis court. Although it is not accessible to all, given the entry price, this short makes you want to endlessly play tennis. The setting, the views, and luxurious facilities leave dreamers.

Municipal Court Davoust

20 th district also has its own tennis court. The municipal court has two open areas 7/7. These two spaces of porous concrete are accessible by reservation. Attention book several days in advance if you want to play.

Short municipal Edouard Pailleron

Individuals, tennis clubs, associations, municipal courts Edouard Pailleron 19 th district are at your service. clay courts similar to the famous courts of Roland Garros, they are the best equipped in the area.

Court Reims

Reims also has tennis courts. If you're in the neighborhood and want to do some stolen services, go to the municipal courts in synthetic coating and porous concrete. you choose your playing field.

Tennis courts in Niox

You can also play in Niox tennis courts if you are in the area. porous concrete courses are open to all. If you want to fully enjoy these short, it would be best to make a reservation before you go there.

The plain Paris 15 th

Opencast short Plaine are available to all age groups. These lands in the 15 th can also accommodate disabled people who want to play. Downside, lack of shelter for the players.

Short municipal September Acres

Located in the 19 th arr. in Paris, the municipal courts in September Acres are open to all. It features 3 tennis, but only two of them have a shelter. Make a reservation if you want to play protected from the sun.