preserved sites and resort Lavandou

Lavandou, the sea is beautiful, this is how this fishing port has built an international reputation for beach tourism. After sunbathing on the beach, exploring virtually untouched coves and diving in the crystal clear waters, also visit the Villa Louise, home to the tourist office. Prepare between 30 and 200 euros for accommodation in one of Lavandou hotels. On site, the Hotel Escapade offers the best price, it is more established in one of the busiest areas of the town with shops nearby. Some tourists choose instead to reside at the hotel Au Grand Sud in Giens for very discounted price: 40 euros for a quad room overlooking the sea! On the avenue André Gide Lavandou Orangeraie offers 3 stars services. Its location allows to enjoy the sea on the beaches of Saint-Clair. Hotel Baptistin can be seen as the best Lavandou hotel for its location across from the ocean and the beautiful scenery, the comfort of rooms and additional services such as free Wi-Fi. This 3-star property also offers suites for its guests.