Holidays Cook Islands all to book your holiday ideas

Bora Bora

Your holiday in the Cook Islands, the side from Oceania, will be more than successful with good organization. One of the tricks is to book an accommodation before leaving, to avoid any kind of inconvenience. To sleep, the beds and breakfast make for a cheap holiday, like cheap hotels. For accommodation, provide around € 100 per week and around 70 € per week for the restauration.Quant to places to visit, you have a choice on what to do with all the atolls and cities. A Rarotonga for example, do not miss the beaches Muri Beach, Muri Lagoon or the Cocoputt theme park. A Aitutaki for example, there is the beach Aitutaki Lagoon, If you try to Avarua, do not hesitate to go through the flea market Punanga Nui, the religious site Cook Island Christian Church (CICC), the site historic Wreck of the Matai or the museum of art National museum of the Cook Islands.