Staying cheap in Brussels: ways to pay less.


Brussels is a wonderful city where a stay can be done in 1001 ways. Even if your budget is limited, you will be quite possible to stay cheap in Brussels. The key is to learn to do it. We recommend you start before you leave at booking your transportation, you are rendiez by plane or train. Indeed, if you book at the last minute, you risk big surprises. So advice do you take for it well in advance, do not expect the latest promotions that will never happen especially if you plan to go there during the holidays. Besides if you want to go cheap prefer peak periods. On the visit will be more enjoyable and you will win in two hotels then your ticket. We recommend you consult the online travel agencies. Their prices are relatively cheaper as they reduce their distribution costs. You can also use ticket comparison sites.

prefer to take a whole package including transportation and housing. Usually it comes back you less than taking each purchase independently.

It is quite possible to find good hotels at very good prices, for this you can follow the advices.

Once there, you can make savings. It's very simple, you can visit the popular restaurants for dining. The prices are affordable and the food is pretty good. For outputs also avoid corners too trendy that in addition to being crowded world are often unaffordable. Prefer nice little corners where you can entertain without depriving yourself of the basics. If you can make savings on your home, your transport and meals by following our advice during your stay in Brussels, you are sure to have a cheap holiday and enjoyable! The key is to avoid all the tourist traps you might encounter.