Wallis and Futuna Stay: information and bookings

Plongée à Bora Bora

Wallis and Futuna are in the southern hemisphere islands just between New Caledonia and Tahiti. The sites are managed by three monarchies, including Uvea, Wallis, and Alo Sigave to Futuna. Staying on these islands is proving to be a good idea since the locals are very welcoming. Once there, tourists can then visit the various attractions such as craters, Mount Puke or cave Loka. The culture is also very interesting. For more information, please go to the forts and Tongan graves. As for the beaches, they are ideal for sunbathing one or in groups. Otherwise, to sleep, there are not many hotels in Wallis and Futuna, in fact there are only four hotels. Whatever the evening, visitors must have about 100 € per day for accommodation on the islands. For the best hotel room or vacation rental, it is best to book online with the help for example comparators or hotel providers online.