Wellness stay in Tunisia. Ideas for your holidays


There is no better break from the daily that changing skies. Tunisia, close to France, offers a change of scenery while ensuring comfort with European standards.

There is a lot to see in Tunisia, including the famous medieval village of Sidi Bou Said with white houses and blue shutters overlooking the Gulf of Tunis. The son of paved streets, you will arrive at the cafe mats where you can enjoy a delicious mint tea while admiring the incredible panorama that unfolds before your eyes. This village perched on the hill will disconnect you from all your worries.

You can also make an immersion in the ancient history of the country. Three thousand years of history have indeed left a historical and cultural heritage of exception. The Berber civilization, Phoenician, Punic, Roman, Byzantine and Andalusian, just to name a few have left architectural gems. Between archaeological sites, museums, palaces and medinas, the choice is great.

Welfare has not been forgotten in Tunisia, thalassotherapy centers are renowned worldwide. Indeed, Tunisia is the second global destination for health tourism. This reputation also not new, purity and quality of the air and water have shaped the famous thermal baths since ancient times.

At the edge of the Mediterranean, along golden beaches and under the Tunisian sun, many hotels and resorts offer thalassotherapy and spa quality. You can choose between fitness treatments or anti-stress treatments or more specific treatments such as treating back pain, osteoarthritis or venous problems.

Whirlpool baths, seaweed wraps or mud, affusion showers, massages, reflexology are some of the many treatments.

Some known addresses are the Thalasso Palace Mahdia, Ulysse Palace Thalasso and Spa Athénée in Djerba, the Hasdrubal Thalassa in Hammamet The Residence hotel in Tunis to name a few. < / p>

There are also in Tunisia many hot springs where we offer specific treatments for rheumatism or back problems, like the spa of Hammam Bourguiba example or Korbous station.