Stay in Djerba: what to see and do?

Ile de Djerba

What can we do during his stay in Djerba? Here's one question to ask!

The island of Djerba is an unsettling calm, it offers visitors a mild climate throughout the year away from high winds resulting in a stunning sea. No empty promise, we assure you that it is practically possible to swim in the sea all year round.

The major attraction in Djerba is the beach and the sand. You can get there to clearly enjoy the beauty of the setting. In most cases it is a few hours flight from most major European cities.

After tanned under a blazing sun you will accompany your visit with a cultural note and go to meeting of this civilization. The people are warm and you may be asked to eat couscous if you ask a local person to inquire. The hospitality of Jerban is surely one of the highlights. But the city and its architecture are also interesting. Houses in Djerba are very different from what you can see in the north of Tunisia, small houses well typed. Spend some time so in the villages that compose it and discover their authentic traditions and charms. You can walk in Houmet souk or Guellala that will offer you the beauty of authentic architecture. In the village of Guellala, you will see the artisans at work, potters that will amaze you with their manufacturing and small tricks they can make.

Houmet Souk, you do not stay indifferent before the charm of the village with whitewashed houses. You contemplate small lovely mosques, but it is mostly souks that attract visitors.

In Djerba, several hotels enjoy the charm of the sea and offer spa centers. Prices are affordable enough so feel free to remake you a health and enjoy a relaxing treatment.

We recommend you rent a car because the villages are quite scattered. You can go to a countryside dotted with olive trees and palm trees, and discover small farms which house a generation of families.