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Other hotels are ready to accommodate travelers in Zambia. However, the budget will take a major role in the choice of accommodation. Among the luxury hotels, there is the Royal Hotel which is among the five-star hotels. The Wildlife Camp, South Luangwa National Park provides a unique stay thanks to the presence of wild animals like giraffes. It is also equipped with comfortable cabins. There is also the Lusaka Intercontinental, located in the center of the commercial district of Lusaka. Note that the average price of luxury hotels is generally between 200 and 400 euros per night.

Learn more about Zambia before booking your hotel

Zambia is located between Malawi, Mozambique, Congo, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Angola. This country between Central Africa, Southern Africa and East Africa. It has about 10 million inhabitants. Many cities are grouped by that country as Lusaka the capital, Livingstone, Kabwe Kasumbalesa Ndola, Kitwe etc.

Among the countless tourist attractions in Zambia include in the city of Livingstone Falls Victoria. One can take boat rides, microlight flight over the falls. In the capital market are the famous Soweto. The South Luangwa is a quiet reserve, which is located in the central regions. National parks are the plain of Liuva, Kafue, Luangwa south are seen in this country.

The choice of the hotel in Zambia

Zambia has many tourist attractions thanks to its natural wealth. Zambia is actually known for its safaris that take place in national parks such as the plain of the Luangwa Liuva or south. We also visit Zambia mainly for its waterfalls, the best known being the Victoria Falls. If you have come in this perspective in order to discover the nature Zambia, you will be expected to stay in lodges more than in a conventional hotel. This is indeed the most common form near parks. Near National Park Luangwa-south, we recommend the Marula Lodge, a place that people seem to like to believe their opinion. Zambia is known for its nature and its monuments. The Livingstone Memorial is one of the few monuments in the country. Nearby you will find one of the best in the country: Chanters Lodge. Lusaka the capital has a sprawling park.