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Lesotho is very popular with hikers. It offers various accommodation usually located around the interests of the country centers. It offers a wide variety of hotels ranging from basic accommodation to luxurious. Spend a night in hotel typically ranges from 50 to more than 400 euros. In addition, there are several kinds of accommodation such as rooms like the B & B Moriah, Chalets as Moorosi Quthing cottage and bed and breakfast as Anna's B & B. Among the most famous hotels of the country is the Lancer'S Inn in Maseru, Orion Mohale Lodge still Maeru and camping, Maealea Lodge located at Malealea.

Learn more about Lesotho before book hotels

Lesotho is a country in southern Africa which is surrounded by South African territory that is more than 1000m above sea level. This Kingdom has the capital Maseru and account 2128180 appointed Lesothanes inhabitants. This state constitutional monarchy is subdivided into 10 districts. His King Letsie III is and as Prime Minister Mosisili Pokalitha. The Official Currency is subdivided and the official languages ​​are Sesotho and English.

The main holiday of Lesotho is the feast of his vis-à-vis independence from Britain on October 4th. This state has several monuments. Only in the capital, it has religious buildings and administrative buildings. This is the case of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory, of the Anglican Church in Saint John, the Royal Palace and the Prime Minister and especially the State House. Its markets are also important attractions.