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The majority of accommodation in Equatorial Guinea are installed in Malabo, but one can also find in Bata, Mongomo, Ebebiyin, and Mbini. The price of the hotel room for a night in Equatorial Guinea is on average 30 to 300 euros, depending on the comfort. Among the comfortable hotels, there Sofitel Category 5 star hotel in the heart of Malabo with a wide range of services and interesting places of the city. You can also stay in budget hotels as the case of the hotel Yoli Malabo. Several luxury resorts are under construction in Bata and Malabo.

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Equatorial Guinea is primarily a country in Central Africa, consisting of the Bantu, the Bubi and the Bengas. The capital of this country is Malabo. Two parts are Equatorial Guinea: Bioko and Annobon island on one side and the mainland including Cameroon and Gabon on the other side. With 28.051 km2, the number of inhabitants in the country was 486 00 inhabitants in 2001. The climate is tropical, hot and humid.

The mainland is home to a nature reserve. Located south of Niefgang Monte Alen is a developed reserve. The cities of Bata and Malabo contain imprints left by the Spanish colonial era. The island of Corisco is a wonderful island of the west coast of Africa. It is possible to meet rare animals such as gorillas, chimpanzees and elephants.