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In Guinea-Bissau, hotel establishments are still rare and generally more expensive compared to other African countries. Thus, there are hotels of great comfort, but you can also find small hotels at low prices, but obviously some are not convenient. We must therefore learn as there are hotels without water or electricity. Among the most luxurious hotels Guinea-Bissau Bissau Hotel is located outside the city center, it is also an ideal hotel for business. Guinea-Bissau is also home to convention hotels like the Hotel 24 Setembro. Although Guinea-Bissau is famous for its hotels at cheap prices, you can find a room rate including breakfast from 5 to 20 euros.

Learn more about Guinea-Bissau before booking your hotel

Guinea-Bissau is on the Atlantic Ocean, located south of Senegal and north of the Republic of Guinea Conakry. The capital of this country of West Africa Bissau. In 2010 the total population was estimated 1,533,964 inhabitants distributed in an area of ​​36 120 km2.

This country is known for its gastronomy. Among his specialties is such Casamance based with rice (the staple food of Guinea-Bissau's coast). Local fish and meat (pangolin meat, monkey or turtle). The country of Guinea-Bissau is famous for the carnival of Bissau which it hosts every year. It takes place in February when me wearing a mask is one of his designs. It celebrates some important dates like the anniversary of the death of Amiclar Cabral, the feast of our Lady of Fatima or the Birthday Massacre Pidgiguiti.