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A wide range of accommodation is available in Congo since the African country has considerable hotel park. Hotels in Congo are not yet categorized, but they have comfortable facilities and services needed for a comfortable stay, such as the hotel Memling Hotel Kinshasa is an institution of high standing. There are also other highly requested hotels in Congo as the Olympic Palace, Palma Beach and the Marina. To make a living in conditions close to Western standards, it must spend more than 160 euros per night. The nightly rate for a room for a budget hotel is 30 euros on average.

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The Congo appears among the countries of Central Africa and is crossed by the famous equator about City Makoua. It benefits from having access to the South Atlantic sea and the second river in the world. It is inhabited by the Congolese who were identified in 2008 to 3,847,191 inhabitants. The country is divided into 12 departments which bowl is the greatest.

The Congo is a-great base for a stay in contact with the natural environment. It is full of a large area of ​​forest and mountains and has 170 kilometers of beaches on the Atlantic coast. It also has a large number of monumental tombs and several architectural heritages. Do not forget to pass the massive Chaillu.