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Comoros does not have a wide choice of hotels, but those that are there all offer a very original and natural setting. Comoros hotels are known for their warm and caring welcome. You will find a Comoros hotel room prices affordable from 20 euros per night. For a stay in a luxury hotel, the room price is more than 150 euros per night. Some hotels Comoros do not yet have useful amenities such as TV or telephone, but generally they are clean. For holidays at the edge of a beautiful beach, you can host among others at the hotel Itsandra Beach in Moroni.

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The Comoros archipelago is a group of four islands including: Grande Comore, Moheli, Anjouan and Mayotte. Its administrative division, however, consists that the three islands of Mayotte subtraction which is still part of the French Republic. The Comoros archipelago is a whole area of ​​2170 km2 with its capital Moroni.

The food of the country is rich with the example of oudougoudou, the mataba or the ntsambou. Its culture is the product of several cultures including Arab customs, Indian and African. It presents traditional dances like the toirabou, the Samba or the djalico .At a passage to the country, do not forget to see the largest caldera in the world (still active to this day) with 3 km of diameter. The more adventurous can spend time in 7% of virgin forest in the country.